In this article we are going to discuss about Making Fake Payment On Google Pay, Google Pay Payment Screenshot, Google Payment Receipt Maker Online, Google Pay Payment Apk Download, Google Pay Payment Transaction Screenshot etc. If you want to prank your friend then you can use the tricks given here.

You will know about google pay fake screenshot here. With the help of which you can find the difference between real and fake screenshot. Many people use such screenshots to show off. If you want to know the difference between real and fake image, then you can know by the method given below.

Google pay is an online money transfer app. With the help of which you can pay bills online, do online shopping and send money. With the help of this app you can also get money from anyone. Google pay is very secure and safe app.

Google Pay Payment Screenshot Online Maker

You will find many websites online that claim to generate Google Pay fake payment screenshots. You have to open Screenshot Generator tool and website. In which you have to enter your name, date, amount, upi id. After entering all the details you have to tap on the button of make screenshot. After doing this you will get fake screenshot. You will find such information and videos on the Internet.


You can take a screenshot of your transaction in Google Pay. While app like paytm does not provide option to take screenshot. Most off screenshot maker app and website are fake.

People use such screenshots to joke with their friends, to show their online earning, to show off, to show that I have a lot of money.

Find Difference Between Real & Fake Google Pay Payment Screenshot

It is very easy to spot the difference between real and fake Google Pay Payment Screenshot. For that you can check payment or transaction history. If the screenshot is fake then the ammount will not show in the transaction history. If the screenshot is real, it will show in the transaction history.

Many people use such fake screenshots in their videos. So that he can draw more people’s attention towards himself. Many frauds also happen online. To avoid this, you should know the difference between real and fake payment screenshot.

How To Take Google Pay Payment Screenshot

If you want to take a screenshot of your transaction or payment, then you can follow the steps given below.

  1. Open google pay app.
  2. If you want to send money to another person, you can send it with the help of GPay number, UPI ID and QR code.
  3. If you want to get money then you can get through your GPay number and upi id.
  4. After making the transaction, you click on the transaction section of gpay.
  5. Here you will find the option of No Recent Transactions.
  6. Clicking on Recent Transactions will show you all your transactions. Now you can take a screenshot of this transaction.
  7. To take a screenshot you have to press the lower volume button and power button simultaneously.

Online Google Pay Transaction Screenshot Maker

Online you will find many applications with the help of which you can create fake photos and images. Pics art and photo editor apps are available in Android phones. With the help of which people create a new photo by editing the original photo. Computers also have many software with the help of which you can do this work.

All your money transfers in the Google Pay app can be seen in the transaction history. In which you will get all the information like transaction number, date, time etc. With which you can confirm your payment.

Google Pay Payment Screenshot Generator Real or Fake

Online you will find many websites and apps from which you can create fake screenshot. But all these tools and apps are fake. You cannot create any screenshot with these tools. Your time pass will be done here. People create fake images through photo editing apps.

How to Use Google Pay Payment Screenshot

When you do any online transaction, all your details are stored in the history. When you send money to any person, you can whatsapp by taking a screenshot. So that your transaction is conformed. Sometimes you can use this screenshot when you have sent money but the other person has not received it. You cannot use fake google pay payment screenshot to show any fraud or fake payment.