Links of Gujarati Shayari groups in WhatsApp

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 Today we will see the method to join the Gujarati Shayari WhatsApp group and other groups here.

 Here we have collected the link of 1000+ active Shayari WhatsApp groups. With the help of which you can easily view that group. 

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New Gujarati Shayari WhatsApp group link

Wah wah shayriJoin now
love 24×7Join now
Tujako hi dekhaJoin now
mera iskJoin now
janu tu meriJoin now
gulajar shayriJoin now
romantick love shayriJoin now
be intahaJoin now
vapas aaja naJoin now
aek se badhkar aekJoin now
he nam teraJoin now

Panjabi love Shayari WhatsApp group links

sadda panjabJoin now
panjabe iskeJoin now
tuhi rab tuhiJoin now
kudi mangadiJoin now
aethhe me or tuJoin now
he so heJoin now
dil mangataJoin now
lagadi lahor Join now
talk to my handJoin now
always panjabi openJoin now

Latest Hindi Romantic Shayari WhatsApp group links

Pyar ki bateJoin now
mere mehabubJoin now
ao jane janaJoin now
tera divanaJoin now
aek bar aorJoin now
kya bat he januJoin now
mohhobat ke namJoin now
bewafa sanamJoin now
dil dhadkaJoin now
He upar valeJoin now

2 line Urdu love Shayari WhatsApp group links

urdu shayriJoin now
wah sahabJoin now
mera nam janeJoin now
mera khudaJoin now
aeh mere dilbarJoin now
nam tera sahiJoin now
pyar kya heJoin now
aek sher aorJoin now
mere sang jileJoin now
vaps aajajoin now

Hindi Poetry WhatsApp Group Link 2020

tere sang sangJoin now
meri mahhobatJoin now
aek bar dekhJoin now
nam leta hu teraJoin now
yad aaeJoin now
jinragi fullJoin now
sanam teri kasamJoin now
prem ratanJoin now
jumar jumarJoin now
bangale ke picheJoin now

Very sad poetry WhatsApp group links

Bewafa sajanjoin now
aeh khudaJoin now
bulalae mujeJoin now
ae duniya kya kareJoin now
dard mera heJoin now
tu chali janaJoin now
Vapas kyo aaiJoin now
mera dard mera heJoin now
broken hartJoin now
firse dard diya tuneJoin now

How to join this group

How to join whatsapp group

Below we have given a list of an entire group. In which the name of the group is given and its same click is written here. All you have to do is click here.

Which is an invitation link. With the help of which you can reach that group and you will get the option to join.

If the group is full, i.e. 257 members have gone to Thai, then you cannot join Thai.

Rules for joining the Shayari WhatsApp group

Rule to follow all user

  •  Only real Shayari lover join
  •  Respect all person
  •  Don’t hurt anyone
  •  Don’t spam
  •  Don’t share out of topic things
  •  Don’t share your personal information
  • Always check group regular


Here we saw different types of groups. Wherever you join, you will get daily updates. Here we saw the main Gujarati Shayari WhatsApp group list.

If you also run a 2 Line Shayari WhatsApp Group then the comment box below is open for you. Comment the name of your group we link. We will add it to this list

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