Use this gunblood cheats code for getting a machine gun and shotgun. Unlock all levels and play a game without any loss. Enter these working codes in the chatbox.

Hello friends, welcome to our post. Here we will see the cheats of gun blood games and at the same time, we will learn how to play them. We will talk about all the leaves and camps that come within this game.

So let’s start today’s topic without wasting too much time.

gunblood cheats codes

Gunblood is a very good game Jay you can practice reflexes and Aim. Below we have provided cheats. With the help of which you can quickly kill the enemy, unlock all levels, and get unlimited ammo.

Gunblood cheats code
  • FAST FIRE: With the help of this your fire speed increases so that the enemy goes down quickly.
  • NOHIT: With this, you become invisible so no one can shoot you.
  • MOREAMMO: With this, you get unlimited ammo. You don’t even need to reload the gun.
  • POINTER: This allows you to aim easier because you get leisure.

To apply the cheats mentioned above, you will find the option of CHEAT BOX below the character. Here you will have to enter the cheat as per your requirement.

Note that you can only use one cheat at a time. Do not try to use multiple cheats at the same time.

level password cheats

level password cheats

Here we have given the level password cheats of gunblood with the help of which you can unlock any level which is as follows.

Bonus cheat

  • BONUS1 – Bonus 1
  • BONUS2 – Bonus 2
  • BONUS3 – Bonus 3
  • BONUS4 – Bonus 4

levels and password

Levels password
password and level

Here we see each level and its passcard. Now you can play at any level.

Gun blood all weapons cheats

Below are all the guns as well as other cheat codes. Using which will make your gameplay easier.

  • Machine gun cheat = MACHINE98
  • shotgun cheat = SHORTNUG
  • two guns cheat = WITH TWO GUN
  • PC cheat = ALLO PC
  • god mode cheat = GOD MOD
  • para remastered cheat = REMASTERED
  • walkthrough cheats = WALKTHROUGH
  • gunblood 2 cheats = 2 GUNBLOOD

use above gunblood cheats codes for aditional equipments.

Tips and tricks for gunblood game

Tips and tricks for gunblood game

This is a very exciting game that has been developed and published by wolf game. Here are some tips below if you don’t use cheats. By following this you can become a good player.

  • Don’t reload the gun every time
  • Keep the fire good even after the health of the enemy in front is completed. Fire till the time is over.
  • Take advantage of the bonus round. Shoot extra bottles soon.
  • When the rounds are good, make a fire cross pressure so that more deadly bullets will hit the enemy.
  • Defeat your opponent in all rounds. If you lose you have to lose everything. You cross the first level again.
  • Aim on the chest. If you keep a mark on the chest, the chances of being hit by a bullet will increase. Aiming here can also take a headshot.