How To Delete Amazon Prime Account Permanently


how to delete Amazon Prime account permanently
Amazon Prime is an entertainment platform. It focuses primarily on lifestyle and entertainment programming. Here’s exactly how to delete your Amazon Prime account.

Amazon Prime website shows that after deleting your Amazon Prime account you cannot avail its services. Email address and ip address are included in Amazon Prime privacy policy to prevent fraud and prevent fraud.

The good thing is that Amazon Prime allows you to delete your account in a few easy step.

Guidelines for canceling and deleting Amazon Prime account

Before canceling the subscription of Amazon Prime you should know some things. Such things are given below.

Go to the official website of Amazon Prime and find out what its Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy support regarding cancellation of subscription or deletion of account.

This link is the official website of Amazon Prime app from which information can be obtained. How to delete your account on the website.

As I begin to learn the easiest way to achieve this, first open the above official website in your phone or laptop and login. No options will appear until you login. So login .Now you have a lot of options. The following step by step information is given.

Step 1: Visit the official page of Amazon Prime, which can be accessed by visiting
Amazon PrimeTV

Step 2: Login by your Amazon Prime username and password on the login form.

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Settings.

Step 4: Then click on Account.

Step 5: Select delete account opstion.

Step 6: Re-enter your username and password on the next page.

Step 7: Click Continue. Once you follow these simple steps, your Amazon Prime account and its subscription will be deactivated.

It will be deactivated for a few days, during which time you will have the option to reactivate your account before it is permanently deleted. You will also receive an email at your contact address confirming deactivation.

How to Recover/Reactive Amazon Prime account

Step 1: Go to your phone, android, iphone or website.

Step 2: Click on login. Step

Step 3: Login with your old Amazon Prime username and password.

Step 4: Click yes when Amazon Prime asks if you want to reactivate your account.

Step 5: Click OK.

Step 6: When your account is reactivated, Amazon Prime will send you an email. When it is done, login to the account. With these simple steps you can get your account back.

This way you will only be able to work within 30 days because if you want to permanently delete your Amazon Prime account then wait days after deleting your account. After that time, remove your account from Amazon Prime permanently. Will come in and you will not be able to reactivate it.

Friends, remember that to delete a Amazon Prime account permanently, it is canceled days after deletion as mentioned above. And in these days, if the idea goes back, you can recover again.

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