Paytm is a world famous mobile application where you can send your money to anyone and take money through this app.


In this, you can pay electric bills, get moblie recharges, booking movie tickets, bus tickets online booking and send money  through upi from one bank to another.

Whatever money you transact through this one app, it gets stored in its passbook section, which you can see later.


How can you check your Paytm payment history

You have to open your account first.  In which you will get to see many different options.  From which you will have to click on your passbook option passbook option.

How to delete/remove your paytm transaction history permanently

You are given photo below where you will get to know all the things in detail.

  • Open passbook first


  • Use the second filter option (you will see all your transactions here)

In this, you will know when you have taken your money and how many have been given, as well as all other orders, bills and recharge history.

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How can you remove Paytm Transaction History

Many people want to hide their activity from their husband, wife, father or mom, their family members.

That is why they do some technical search to ensure that their privacy remains intact.

Right now you will not get to see A facility.  You can erase your history in old app version, you could do this in the 3 steps given below. So let’s see what is a step.

  • Open your profile section


  • Go on 24 × 7 option


  • Give right reson to clean your data or history

You will have to wait 1-2 days later you will be done.  A trick needs to give you the right reason.

Why it does not work right now is given below in detail for them.


Why Paytm record Cannot Be clear or Hide

Why Paytm record Cannot Be clear or Hide


My Dear Friend, I tell you clearly that you cannot erase any of your paytm transaction history right now.

Because paytm wallet is associated with your bank account as well as cradit card and debit card.  Through them, you can send the real cash to a another account or receive money forfor yours.

If you want to hide all the history of transaction, then in the eyes of A government is illegal.

If you send money to someone from your real bank account or someone send money in your account, can you delete all that history? Answer is no.

You cannot delete your record paramanenty as it is here.

Surprising thing :  you will know that many people who show you their paytm wallet history on YouTube or on many other social platforms, how much money they have is a report. The detail is created with the help of paytm spoof application. So know what A is.

In this, you can show the numbers you want to show in your account. After thid your will send it to your friends by taking a screen short of it.  You cannot misuse it.

It is designed for entertainment only.

With this, you will not be able to make any money and will not be able to place any order from it. You can definitely show off with its help.



Here we learned that you cannot clear any kind of activity, then why should it be mobile recharge, shopping, online banking as well.

You cannot conceal your account statement in Pay through mobile (in short paytm). 

Friends, I hope that you have understand everything. If you still have any question in your mind, then you can immediately ask in the comment below. I will reply to you with these 24 hours.

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