Hello friends, if you are playing free fire you will know that being in a custom room you can play with your friends. You need a custom room card to create a custom room. You cannot play with a friend without this room card. If you want to buy a custom room card, you have to spend money. You can buy diamonds with money. With this diamond, you can buy a room card. You have to pay 100 diamonds to buy a room card. If you want to get a room card without spending money, read this post carefully. Here we have shared tips and tricks with which you can get Unlimited free fire custom room. These tricks are very easy and simple. You can also get a custom room card using these tricks.

Steps to get a custom room card in Garena Free Fire

Custom Room Card is an in-game purchase item. You can buy it by going to the free fire store. Below are the steps for buying a card.

Step-1 Open a free fire game and click on the store option.

Step-2 in Store, you will find the “item” option at the bottom. Click on it.

Step-3 In this tab you will find many items. Which will have the option of a room card.

Step-4 Click on the purchase button to buy a room card. To get a room card you have to pay 100 diamonds.

This is a simple method to get Custom Room Card in Free Fire using Diamonds. Below we have shared some free methods.

Get Free Custom Room Cards in Free Fire, Get Unlimited Room Cards in Free Fire

1. Guild – Tournament Reward

You can create a guild or join a guild to get a free custom room in a free fire game. Anyone can get a room card using these two methods. You have to find a good guild to join the guild. Join a guild that has more members and more activity. You will get a weekly Custom Room Card. If you do not want to join Gild, you can create your Guild. For that, you have to complain about 1800 dog tags.

2. Buy – Custom Room Card

In a free fire, you can also buy from the Room card store. If you run out of Room Card from Guild Tournament, you can go to the store and get a 100 Diamond Room Card.


Basically, a free fire room card generator is a tool website. With the help of which you get the redeem code. With the help of this redeem code you can get Room Card. For that, you have to use a trusted website. Here you will find the option to generate a room card redeem code. Clicking on it you will get a code. You have to use this code by going to the ff reward website. If you enter the code on the ff reward website, you will get a room card in your free fire account.

This is how you can get and buy Free Fire Custom Room Card for free. This is a very legal way. Your id is very safe. Many people lose their id in the hacking cycle. Use the tricks given here. If you use a hack, your id will be banned. If you liked this post, please share it with other free fire players.