How To Get Cobra Bundle In Free Fire: People love to increase their collection in free fire game. People consider you pro free fire player because of good collection. If you don’t have good clothes, character, pet, bundle, people will think you are a noob player. Cobra bundle in free fire is considered very rare and precious. If you want to see this bundle then follow the below steps. With its help you can easily open Cobra bundle in free fire.

Free fire is very popular in India and other countries. More than 1 billion downloads of this game have been done on Play store. In this game you can see battle royale mode. In which people form their own teams and play together. Among your team members who have good clothes and bundles are considered pro. You need diamond to open any premium bundle.

If you have diamond then you can get all premium items, bundles, clothes, skin etc. of free fire. You have to pay real money to buy this diamond. If you don’t have diamond then you won’t be able to open Cobra Bundle.

How To Get Cobra Bundle In Free Fire?

Different events are coming in Free Fire game. In which you get huge discount on buying any iteam. But to eat any item or bundle you need to have diamonds. If you don’t have diamonds then you won’t be able to open any bundle. Free fire in India brings many new events. If this event passes once, it does not come back again.

There are many events in Garena Free Fire. One of which was cobra event. In which you get cobra bundle free instead of just logging in. If you have taken this bundle at the time of the first event, then you will get this bundle without diamond. You cannot give and take this bundle diamond after the event is over. Many events are repeated in Free Fire. In which you get a chance to buy the old bundle again.

So when the cobra bundle event comes again, you can take this bundle. Now you will have a question whether this event will happen again or not? So its decision is not called. It all depends on the free fire company.

If you want to watch cobra bundle then you can talk to big youtubers. Because they are connected in free fire partner program. So he has an estimate of what the next event is going to be. It can also give you a Cobra Bundle redeem code by generating it. Then you can get cobra bundle in free fire with the help of this redeem code.

Cobra Bundle from the Official Live Stream of Free Fire

Garena free fire is live streaming on the official youtube channel. In which people are given different prices. You can go to the official live stream of free fire and get the redeem code of cobra bundle. Garena Free Fire YouTube channel often gives redeem codes of premium items for free.

Many youtubers also give a redeem code as a gift to their subscribers. You can join the live stream of any big free fire youtuber. Then you can super chat or comment it and say I want cobra bundle. If the youtuber’s mood is good, he will give you the redeem code of cobra bundle for free. Because the youtuber has many diamonds and he also gifts them to make his subscribers happy.

Free fire cobra bundle is very much liked by people. Because its look is different from other bundles. In this bundle, a snake is seen coming out from behind the player. Which gives a premium look to the player. And this bundle is the most unique of all bundles so far.

All Cobra Bundle Types

In free fire you have got Cobra Bundle of different colors. Like blue cobra bundle, green cobra bundle, red cobra bundle, and yellow cobra bundle. Out of which people like red cobra bundle the most.

  • blue cobra bundle
  • Green Cobra Bundle
  • red cobra bundle
  • yellow cobra bundle

Here we learned how to get cobra bundle in free fire for free. With its help you can open any of the four cobra bundles given above. Comment below which is your favorite cobra bundle cue.