People really like Dj Alok Character. The demand for this character is highest in a free fire. This character is loved by players because of its unique ability. In the free fire game, you see many different characters. All these characters have different skills or abilities. DJ Alok is most liked free fire character. In this article, we will discuss how to get free DJ Alok Character.

Below we have shared the working method and tricks to get this character. With the help of this, you can easily get the character.

Key Highlights:

  • Free DJ Alok Character tips
  • Redeem Code Method To Get DJ Alok Character
  • Get DJ Alok Character from Online Survey
  • Get DJ Alok Character Earning Methods
  • Top-up Airdrop Offers To Get DJ Alok
  • Diamonds Hack Method To Get Free Diamonds

Dj Alok Character For Free 2022

Dj Alok is a paid character. If you want to unlock this character you will need diamonds. You have to spend money to get diamonds. Indirectly you have to spend real money to get DJ Alok. This character is popular because of his “Drop The Beat” skill. Within the game, when your health is low, your health starts to increase automatically due to this skill. Because of this skill, you can also give health to your team member. For that, DJ Alok is the most demanding character.

The price of this character is 599 diamonds. If you want to buy this character, you have to top up a minimum of 1. But here we have shared a method by which you can get Dj Alok for free.

How To Get Free DJ Alok Character

This is a simple and legal trick to get DJ alok’s character. This is not a hack of any kind. There is a legal way with which you can unlock any paid character. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to unlock DJ Alok.

  • Open your free fire game.
  • Now open your store.
  • Click on the character’s option and select DJ Alok.
  • Below you will see a button to buy DJ Alok. Click on that button.
  • Spend 600 diamonds to get dj alok character.

How To Get DJ Alok Character

Get Free Dj Alok By Redeem Code Method

The above shows you a simple method. This method is used by most people. In this method, you need 600 diamonds. No need to worry if you do not have diamonds. Here is a trick that you can follow to get Dj Alok for free.

To get free Dj Alok Character, you have to follow these three simple methods. First using redeem code, second diamond top up, and third is using the booyah app. So let’s start with the dj Alok redeem code.

Using Dj Alok Redeem code

Free fire often provides codes that you can use to unlock any character for free. Such a code is called redeem code. You have to copy this redeem code and follow the steps given below.

  • Copy Dj Alok redeem code and open the ff reward website.
  • Here you will find a box to enter the redeem code.
  • Past 12 digits redeem code here.
  • Now click on redeem reward button.
  • Check your free fire mailbox, here you will find Dj Alok character free.

diamonds Top Up Method

In a free fire, you get the option to top the diamond. Through which you can buy diamonds. Diamond top-up requires more money so people avoid this method. But on special events and game anniversaries, you get the opportunity to top diamonds at a very low price. The first time you top up in a new account you get a 50% to 70% discount. If your friend is playing free fire and his account is new then you can get a diamond top up in his account. You can then take these diamonds into your main account.

Buying Airdrop Method

With Airdrop, you can get this character for only 10 rupees. Older players will know about this trick. Free Fire offers Airdrop at a very low cost on new accounts and new events. In this Airdrop, you get characters, skins, and diamonds. You need to create a new account. One of which is to buy Airdrop. You can unlock the dj Alok character with diamonds obtained from this airdrop. You can then gift this character to your original account. So you get Dj Alok in your original account. You can now also delete this new account.

Booyah App To Get DJ Alok Character Rewards

The Booyah app is specially designed for a free fire game. Here you can watch other player gameplay video and live streams. This app is the best streaming platform for free fire players. Here you can get rewards by watching a live stream of other players. In the Booyah app, you get characters, bundles, skins, and diamonds. If you spend time in this app and complete the task, your chances of getting Dj Alok character will increase.

There are over 50 million downloads of this app. The Play Store has a rating of 4.2. The size of the app is 14MB. You can download it from the booyah app play store and google.