Here we have shown the technique to get unlimited gloo wall skin for free. You can get your favorite gloo wall skin right now by simply following these steps.

The free fire game is the most downloaded game right now.500M + download and 4.3 ratings in play store.

If you want to be a professional player in a free fire game, you have to know how to use gloo wall well. You can cover yourself with a gloo wall. If someone shoots you, you can use gloo skin immediately.

ffwc gloo wall redeem code 2021

Here we have shown 6 ways. With the help of which you can take gloo wall. These 6 ways have been tested by us. Read carefully for all the new techniques. If you miss any step, you can’t take skin.

Simple step to get free fire gloo wall skin

1.nuclear bunker gloo wall redeem code

With Redeem code you can get any premium item for free. Redeem code is of coriander type. Redeem code comes for weapon skin, for cloth, for character, and gloo skin.

If you want to see the redeem code for gun skin, you can go to our article gun skin for free fire. Here we have given information on how to get gun skin for free.

Below is the redeem code for gloo skin. You will know the correct technique for using this code. First, let’s take a look at this to redeem the code.










6GXKCQ846AE1 gloo wall skin event

Gerena free fire allows you to get any paid items for free. It is a top-up event.  You get different rewards from a game developer here.  Gerena gives you the joy of completing 3 years of the game. Now, after two months, the top event is here again. So during that event, you can take the skin for the gloo wall.

How to Get Gloo Wall Skin In free fire For Free


3.Get Gloo wall Skin from the new Event page

Normally Free Fire has 1-2 new event benefits in a month. You will find information about this event on the official page of Free Fire. In this event, you will be asked to complete some missions. If you complete missions in the event you will get various rewards and skin  Will to get.

Take special care that you do not stay offline during the event. Keep logging in every day so that you can receive daily gifts.


4.Get Glow wall skin from opening Crate

You can buy different types of crates from the shop in Free Fire Game, such as crates for new clothes, crates for new guns. You can also buy crates for the gloo wall.

All the crates have to be taken through Diamond. But you can also open the crate using the VPN trick. For that, you have to use the Secure VPN app. Use the Verify app through the play store.


5.use Special airdrop with Gloo wall

Airdrop is provided by the free fire. Here you get a legendary item at different prices. Here the smallest airdrop is available at 10 10. You can pay through the play store or pay from your friend’s Paytm.

Inside the special airdrop, you can find many things at once, such as character, clothes, gun skin, gloo wall skin, and diamond.  That’s why buying an airdrop is an advantage.


 6.Use Gloo wall Generator

You will find many websites on Google which claim to give gloo wall skin for free. Most of these websites are fake. You will not get any benefit from this, only your time will be wasted. But you can use the Diamond Generator website. 90% of these websites  Fake Hase also has some genuine websites that provide diamonds for free.

For that, you have to find the right website. If you don’t find any website, please comment. I will give the link in the comment box below.


7.Exclusive Bundles

Garena Free fire offers you an exclusive bundle offer on all festivals. In it, you are given a festival special theme and other rewards like a new card, vehicle skin.

Inside the exclusive bundle, you can find a diamond and epic skin collection. All these things you can find at all the festivals. So don’t miss any festival.

How to purchase Free Fire new Gloo Wall skins?

Here we show the correct way to buy a gloo wall.  First, you have to open gerena free fire then follow the steps below.

  • Open the store
    How to purchase Free Fire new Gloo Wall skins
  • Tap on Crate
  • Click on the gloo wall crate
  • Choose your bundle pack


  • Click on a purchase option
  • Confirm your diamond and press ok

If you work according to the method shown above, you will be able to buy gloo skin without any problem.


10 best gloo wall skin name list for free fire

  1. Aurous Dragon – red gloo wall
  2. Rebel academy – green gloo wall
  3. Nuclear Bunker – sky blue gloo wall
  4. Nilo shish Spirit – golden gloo wall
  5. Blood Hockey – red gloo wall
  6. Spikey spine – Yello strap gloo wall
  7. Halloween – back gloo wall
  8. Plan Bermuda – Gloo wall
  9. FFWC – sild gloo wall
  10. rebel academy – gloo wall


Question and answer for gerena free fire

How to Unlock All free fire Gloo wall skin


How to Unlock All free fire Gloo wall skin?

To unlock all the gloo skins in the free fire game you will need all the coriander diamonds. Because 50+ gloo skins are available in a free fire.  Will be found.

If you want to see more skin and redeem codes, you can visit the official website of Free Fire.

How to Get Gloo Wall Skin In free fire For Free?

For free gloo wall, you have to use redeem code.  To participate in special offer, airdrop offer, top-up event. Otherwise, you will buy it.

What is fast Gloo wall APK?

With the help of this app, you can enable a one-shot gloo wall. If you are watching a YouTube video then you know how Pro Player uses gloo wall immediately after hitting one shot. You can turn on this setting using this app.

Here you get fire and wall throw options together. This saves your time and the enemy in front is surprised.


What is some upcoming gloo wall skin in the free fire?

Bellow, we are telling some upcoming gloo wall skin in 2021 march

Ashusoln prank – color: green

Gavo redes – color: red

Crime scare – color: wite

Priori facet – color: Yello

Holi special – Color: wite + other color

Darkmetal – color: black

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