How you can sell coc account without Gmail


Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer strategy game. This game was released in 2012 by supercell company. Coc has 500 million downloads. The size of the game is 150 mb and the rating is 4.5. People love to play this game. This game was most played from 2012 to 2018. After 2018, the number of coc players increased due to high graphic games like free fire and pubg.

But there are many fans and followers of this game who still play coc. This game is very popular even now. Due to the different concept of the game, people like this game a lot. In the game you have to build your base. In which you add many defense systems. You have to collect gold and oil. With the help of which you can upgrade your town.

How to sell Clash of Clans account without Gmail

If you want to sell your coc account without providing Gmail ID, then this is the right place to learn how you can do this.

Many people have to sell their coc id. For that he is thinking how he can sell his id safely. In most off cash when you sell your coc account to another person then you have to give him gmail id and password along with it. So that he can enter your gmail and password in his device and log in.

But many people don’t like gmail id devi. Because he has many other accounts linked with his gmail id. Many people save phone numbers in their gmail. Due to many such reasons it becomes difficult to provide gmail id.

If you want to sell coc account without giving gmail then you can transfer to another gmail id. In which you have to create a new gmail account. Then by going to clash of clans game you have to enter new gmail instead of old gmail.

You will get a verification code in your old gmail. You can link new gmail coc by entering this code. Now you can give new gmail while selling coc account. So your old and main gmail will remain with you.

Best Place to sell COC account

You can use many popular websites to sell Coc account. In many websites you get paid for selling accounts. There are also many groups on Whatsapp where people sell their clash of clans accounts.

You have to share the screenshot of your coc account in Whatsapp group. Then the interested person will send you a personal message. Now you and the buyer will have to set the price of your coc account. After the pice is set, you have to give the gmail and its password to the buyer. Buyer will transfer money to you online.

How to Get Best price of your COC account

If you want to see the best price of your coc account, then you can follow the tips given below.

  • You have to do townhall level 10+ in coc.
  • You should have 1000+ gems.
  • You must have upgraded troops.
  • You should have 10,000+ trophies.
  • The defense system in Coc base is to be upgraded.
  • The wall of defense has to be raised above 8 levels.
  • You have to keep your base layout clean.
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