Hydra Danger BGMI/PUBG Number, K/D, Stats, Income, Earnings and More


The craze of Bgmi is growing all over the world today. The game has more download than other shooting games on the play store. People love to play this game. Many people make videos on this game on Youtube. Because the number of viewers of this game is more. You will see many people who have become popular because of the Bgmi game. One of them is Hydra Danger. Here we are going to discuss about Hydra Danger Bgmi UID, ID Number, K/D, Stats, Income, Earnings and More.

Bgmi is a multiplayer shooting game. Most people in the world play this game. This has become a platform where people can play games together. The definition of online gaming has changed in the last few years. This game has proven to be beneficial for content creators. Many people have become famous because of this game.

Here we are going to discuss about Hydra Danger Bgmi UID. He is also the leader of the best guild. Here you can see his Lifetime and ranked game stats. He is a good content creator and gamer. he runs a youtube channel with more than million subscribers. He is known for his gaming skills. he uploads Bgmi gameplay videos on Youtube.

Hydra Danger Bgmi ID Number, IGN And Clan Name

Hydra Danger’s real name is Hydra Danger. His Bgmi ID is 3177689xx, and his clan name is Unknown. His team name is Bgmi team.

Hydra Danger PUBG id and Lifetime stats

Hydra Danger has played a total of 8719 squad matches out of which 1519 matches have been won. In all these matches he has killed 23995 so that his K/D ratio is 3.33. His winning ratio is 17.42%.

Let’s talk about duo mode, he has played 2009 duo matches, out of which he has won 87 matches. In the Duo match, his K/D is 2.39 and he has collected 427 frags.

In the solo match, he has played 1151 solo games and 84 Booyahs. In this match, he has eliminated 2848 players. So his K/D ratio is 2.67.

Hydra Danger id Number and Ranked stats

He has played 196 games in the current ranked season and won 42 games. So his winning ratio is 21.42%. In these games, he has 899 kills so his K/D is 5.84.

He has played 2 duo mode matches. In Duo mode, he has won 0 matches and killed 1 enemy. His Rank duo K/D ratio is 1.5.

Last, he has played a total of 3 solo matches. Out of solo matches, he has won 0 matches and eliminated 15 players. So that his K/D ratio is 2.4.

Hydra Danger Bgmi Id Number and YouTube channel

Hydra Danger youtube channel name is Hydra Danger. This youtube channel was started 3 years ago. This channel has over millions of subscribers. He has uploaded more than 300 videos on this channel. His channel has more than 50 million lifetime views.

He has worked hard to become an expert in his field. He has given his maximum time to learn new thing and implement it. Today he has become an expert in his field. Today people recognize Dynamo because of his work. No one knew him when he started his work. Today the number of his followers in India is very high. It has given him a lot of time to be successful in his career.

Hydra Danger Income & Net Worth

His estimated monthly YouTube earning is between $25.3K to $405.2K. His approximated net worth is $303.9K – $4.9M as his Subscriber and Social Blade.

Hydra Danger has many earning sources. He earns a lot of money through different social media. With many followers of Hydra Danger, he earns money through Facebook, Instagram, and youtube. He makes a lot of money through product promotion and advertisement.

Apart from this, there are other small and big businesses of Hydra Danger. So it is difficult to calculate the exact earnings and net worth of Hydra Danger. If you want to see Hydra Danger earning proof, you can follow his Facebook page and Instagram account. Here he shares his earnings report.

Hydra Danger Bgmi ID and social media accounts

Hydra Danger is more active on Facebook and Instagram. He comes live on Facebook and talks to his fans. Below is the link to his social media accounts.

Hydra Danger is more active on Instagram. He also uses other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. But he likes to post his personal life picture on Instagram. If you want to chat with him, then you can send a Request on Instagram and Facebook. He likes to talk with his fans.


Hydra Danger stays in the touch of her fans through her social media account. Here he shares his thoughts and emotions with his followers. If you like Hydra Danger you can follow his social media account. So that you get notifications of any image, video, or information that he updates.

Hydra Danger Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, and contact details

  • Phone Number: 022 78417 – XXX
    Whatsapp Number: + 20876076 – XXX
    Contact Number: +91 022 09817 – XXX
    Office Phone Number: +91 9546-957 – XXX
    Booking Agent Phone Number: Not Available
    Fax Number: Not Available
    Manager Number: Not Available
    Mobile Number: 63886540xx
    Whatsapp group: Not Available
    Email Id: Not Available
    Address: Not Available
    website: Not Available

Hydra Danger Bgmi ID Number and Facts

  • Hydra Danger does not drink and smoke. He does not consume anything like alcohol. He does not smoke and does not smoke. He hates intoxicants like tobacco and gutka. So he advises his followers to stay away from such things.
  • He has a lot of money and expensive things but he does not perform against anyone. Because he likes a normal lifestyle. He does not believe in showing off.
  • He says that happiness is not taken in more and more pleasures. True happiness is in peace.
  • It has many followers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. So he gets many offers for product promotion. Hydra Danger avoids such promotion. It promotes the same thing so that no one is harmed.
  • He is very fond of traveling. So he wants to go to famous places in India like Kashmir, Goa, Kanyakumari, Himachal Pradesh, Bali, etc. He has also made a plan to visit this place. When he is free from his work, he will go to such a place.
  • He likes misal pau and vada pau very much. He orders misal pau from his nearest store. He likes to eat street food.

Hydra Danger Bgmi ID, real name, country, stats, and Favorite Things

  • His favorite actor is Akshay Kumar. He goes to see all of Akshay Kumar’s movie theaters. Akshay Kumar is his inspiration for her. She has seen all the movies with Akshay Kumar.
  • he loves pizza, sandwiches, and burgers. He orders pizza at his home by zomato. He prefers cheese pizza, garlic pizza, and spicy pizza.
  • His favorite actress is Sridevi. He already loves Sridevi’s acting. He has seen all the Sridevi movies.
  • He enjoys swimming, writing, and traveling. He writes stories or poems in his spare time. He does not publish this story and poem. He writes only for his enjoyment.
  • He is very fond of swimming. He often goes swimming with his friend in a nearby lake or river.
  • He likes to watch Netflix web series. He has created a special room to watch web series. In which he watches movies and web series with his friend.
  • He likes to play outdoor games. He loves cricket, football, hockey, tennis, kabaddi, etc. Of which he plays more kabaddi and cricket.
  • He also loves indoor games like carom, chess, and table tennis. He plays chess with his friend. He is an expert in the game of chess.
  • In mobile games, he likes games like Bgmi, pubg, GTA 5, among us, Minecraft. He likes online multiplayer games more. In a multiplayer game, he performs various activities in conjunction with others.
  • He likes pc games like resident evil, FarCry 6, spiderman, cyberpunk 2077, the last of us, and days gone.

Final words

Here you can get knowledge about Hydra Danger Bgmi ID number, stats, K/D ratio, Facts and favorite thing. If this information is useful to you then share this article with your friend and visit our website for all Bgmi player id and uid.


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