How to Increase Speed in Jio 2023? 5+ working tricks


Jio Telecom Company is India’s largest telecom company. The company was started in 2017. At that time jio sim was available for free. You got the option to use daily unlimited internet data. So 80% of people in India had jio sim. Due to all these users, the speed of the internet has also decreased. Today in this article we will learn about how to increase jio 4g speed, how to increase internet speed in jio, how to increase jio internet speed, and how to increase internet speed in jio.

How to increase JIO speed?

The number of Jio users is increasing. Today 5 out of 10 people have a jio sim. With such a large number of users, the speed of jio decreases a bit. If the number of jio users in your area is high then internet speed will be below. The lower the jio user, the higher the speed. For this, after 12 o’clock at night and early in the morning, the internet speed increases.

Working tricks to increase JIO 4g speed 2022

If your phone does not have jio speed then you can use the tricks given here. Using these tricks will increase your jio’s internet speed like a rocket. All these tricks are simple and easy to use. Any new jio user can also increase their internet speed by following these tricks.

If you do not have internet speed in your home, you can check your speed by going to a different location. Sometimes the speed is low in one room of the house, while the speed is very high in the other room. You need to find spots in and around your room where network speeds are high.

This was an easy trick. In which you have to change your location. Now we will learn about some mobile settings that you can use to boost your jio sim’s internet speed.

Jio APN settings for high speed internet 2022

  • First, open your phone settings.
  • Find out the sim card option.
  • Here you will find the sim setting and mobile network option.
  • Click on the jio sim option.
  • Now it shows you the option of Acess Point Names (APN). Tap on the APN option.
  • Click on the + (plus) icon and enter the following APN setting to Increase the speed of JIO.


APN– JioNet

PORT – Not set

PROXY – Not set


PASSWORD – Not set

MCC – Don’t change

MNC – Don’t change

MMSC – Not set

MMSC PROXY – Not set





MVNO TYPE – Not set


After applying these APN settings restart your phone.

Changing LTE Band to increase speed in jio

  • Open the play store and search for ‘MTK Engineering Mode’
  • Install this application.
  • Open the MTK Engineering app and tap on the MTK setting option.
  • Select jio sim.
  • Select ‘LTE mode’.
  • Now turn on band 40 and band 5 for super fast internet speed.

If you install the MTK Engineering app, you do not have to root the phone. Rooting the phone will get the virus in your phone. You can use MTK Engineering Mode to avoid this and increase jio internet speed.

how to increase jio speed to 10bps

Normally in our phone, the speed of jio is 3mbps to 5mbps. This speed is sufficient for video streaming and gaming. But if you want to download a large file or video, this speed decreases. You can use an internet speed booster application to make your jio internet speed 10mbps.

  • Open the play store and download the jio speed booster.
  • Open the application and log in with your mobile number.
  • Click on the boost internet speed option.
  • Wait some time to set up speed.
  • After completing this process you can put any large file on download.

how to increase jio speed in the village

Normally internet speed is low in the village. Because there are fewer towers here. If the number of jio users in your village is high then your internet speed will be below. to increase jio speed in the village follow these tips.

  • Use the internet early in the morning.
  • Use the internet afternoon.
  • Call the nearest location to your nearest tower.
  • Sit on support in your home where speed is high.

how to increase jio speed in android

  • Open your phone setting.
  • Open mobile data and network option.
  • Select the ‘Data Roaming’ option.
  • Here you will find the option of 2g, 3g, and 4g to select the connection speed.
  • Set the connection speed to 4g.
  • In the Data roaming section, you will find the Access Point option. Open it.
  • Click on + (plus) or add Icon.
  • set connection Name – Jio and APN to – join.
  • Now save all these settings.

How to Increase Jio Download Speed ​​in 2022

Sometimes your internet speed is good. Youtube videos and songs play well. Even the download speed of the app or video is low. You can use a VPN app to solve this problem. In which changing the server increases the internet speed automatically. You can use the uc browser to download any file. In the UC browser, you get prebuild VPN.

  • Download the UC browser from the play store.
  • Open UC browser and turn on VPN.
  • Select any Asian server.
  • Open Google or any copied link.
  • Now select the file, app, or video that you want to download.
  • Now if you download anything, the internet speed will increase.

How to Increase JioFi Speed ​​in 2022

Jiofi has main Band 3, Band 5, and Band 40 bands. The highest range band is 5 and the highest speed band is 40. If you have low internet speed then you have to change band 40.

  • Open any browser and paste this URL – http: //jiofi.local.html
  • Enter your username and password to log in to your account.
  • Open the status section and tap on the operator band option.
  • Here you can see that your operation band option will be set to default band 5.
  • Change band 5 option to band 40.
  • Now go to the APN setting and change it automatically to manual.
  • Here you will find the IPV4 / IPV6 box. In which you have to select IPv4.
  • Save all these settings.
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