Is VideoBuddy Safe Or Not? Know all about Videobuddy App


Ever since the Indian government shut down the Chinese app, people have been searching for Videobuddy Which Country App? Because people use this app to download videos. Many people also have the question, Is VideoBuddy safe or not? We will solve all these questions. If you want to know all this information, read this whole post.

After the ban of Chinese apps, people think that Videobuddy is a Chinese app. Using it will hack your phone. While Videobuddy is an Indian app that is very safe to use.

Is the Videobuddy App safe or not?

You can download videobuddy from its official website. For that, you have to go to videobuddy’s website. Below that you will find the option to download. With the help of which you will be able to download this application.

Then this file will be saved in the download folder in your phone storage. Go to it and install videobuddy. After installing you can download any video and also watch ipl match live. People use this application mainly to watch ipl and download video.

Videobuddy Which Country App?

Videobuddy is an app developed by an Indian company so is an Indian app. People think it is a Chinese app. But it is an Indian app.

Videobuddy AppDetails
App NameVideobuddy
Made inIndia
FounderJasper Studio

Here you can download any video or audio. You can also download video or audio through a direct link.

This app is not currently available on the play store. This app has been removed from the play store due to some policy violations.

Can we Download Videos in VideoBuddy?

Yes, you can download any video through the VideoBuddy app. Follow the steps given below.

How to download videos from VideoBuddy

  1. Open VideoBuddy app.
  2. Click on the search option.
  3. Past here link of the video which you want to download.
  4. Now select video quality.
  5. Click on Download.

If you follow all the above steps, you can easily download any video. You can send this video to your friend with one click. You can post this video on Facebook and Instagram but you can’t upload it on youtube.

How to make money with Videobuddy

You can earn real money by completing the V-coin event and task in videobuddy. You can also earn 20 to 100 rupees daily through a referral code by sharing this app.

For that, you have to share this app on your friend’s WhatsApp. You have to ask your friend to download the Videobuddy app through your link.

After downloading Videobuddy, you have to ask your friend to enter your referral code. This code will be in the referral and earn section of your app. This code will be 4 digits which you have to give to your friend. You will get 100 rupees.

You can complete various tasks in the V-coin event part line. There are various rewards for completing this task. When your account is Rs. 300, you can take money in Paytm.

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