Jaa Lifestyle Review: Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the jaa lifestyle here. We have given you a complete review of Jaa Lifestyle here. There are many questions in your mind about Jaa Lifestyle. Like what is Jaa Lifestyle? Who is the owner of Jaa Lifestyle? How does Jaa Lifestyle work? Is Jaa Lifestyle a Fraud? Is Jaa Lifestyle real or fake? Does Jaa Lifestyle give money or not? etc. Here you will get answers to all your questions. This post has given you complete information about Jaa Lifestyle.

What is Jaa lifestyle?

Jaa lifestyle is a website, and app company. Jaa lifestyle claims that you can earn money by viewing advertisements here. This company pays you to watch advertisements. If you want to create an account in Jaa lifestyle then you have to pay 10 Euro as fees for KYC.

What is Jaa Lifestyle Business Plan?

In Jaa Lifestyle, you have to watch 60 ads daily. For which you get 240 rupees. Means 7200 rupees a month. This will be your side income. For that, you have to see daily ads. In many websites and apps, you get money for joining new members and you get money from the earning of members. Here you don’t need to add any member. Only you have to watch 1800 ads per month for which Jaa Lifestyle will give you 7200 rupees.

Jaa Lifestyle Company gets 100% referral income on joining new members. That is, you will get as much money as your friend earns without doing anything.

Jaa Lifestyle Company pays you only for viewing ads. Which company will pay you to view ads? People come to see ads in Jaa Lifestyle, so the person who publishes ads should finish the ads show here? This is a loss for ads publisher.

Jaa Lifestyle Review

  • Company Name – Jaa Lifestyle
  • Domain Registration – 28 September 2018
  • Status – Doubtful
  • Website – https://www.jaalifestyle.com/
  • Company Type – Finance / MLM
  • Registered Office Address – 37th Floor One Canada Square, London, England, E14 5AB (Unverified)
  • Language – English

Jaa Lifestyle Real or Fake

It is not safe to add money in Jaa Lifestyle. Below are some facts and reasons why you should not add money to Jaa Lifestyle. Here we have told whether Jaa Lifestyle is real or fake.

Jaa Lifestyle invests the money coming into its company in stock exchange. This company has not made any profit from its user’s money since last 1 year. If the company loses, the user also loses.
This company has not given any restaurant to its users. Jaa Lifestyle claims that it will provide restaurants to its users soon. People have spent a lot of money in this company in the name of kyc.
Jaa Lifestyle company says that it will start paying after its 30 lakh users are coupled. But now it has 50 lakh users but it has not started paying anyone yet.

Above you have given many reasons on which it can be said that Jaa Lifestyle is fake.

Who is Jaa Lifestyle Owner

  • Mr. Shain Hymon : CEO of Jaa Lifestyle was Mr. Shain Hymon. Based on Google and YouTube Mr. Shain Hymon is the owner and CEO of Jaa Lifestyle. But based on other information Mr. Shain Hymon is the promoter of jaa lifestyle. He is the promoter of two other companies apart from jaa lifestyle shiva. He is the promoter of Hong Kong-based Javita Coffee Company and The Perfect Solution.
  • CARTER, Francis John : As per records on 8 December 2020 CARTER, Francis John was made Director of Jaa lifestyle.
  • MARTIN, Terence Blackwood : MARTIN, Terence Blackwood is also a partner and share holder of Jaa lifestyle.

Above you have been given information about MD / CEO of Jaa Lifestyle. MD / CEO of Jaa Lifestyle changes from time to time.

What Jaa lifestyle is doing?

Jaa lifestyle is currently not doing any kind of work. The company promotes itself to attract investors. This company asks people to give money for free, charges 10 euros and shows ads to its users. The company keeps as much money as it gets in Ads. The worker of Jaa lifestyle works on how to connect new users with them. The company itself does not do any other work.

If you join the company, the company asks you to give shares in future. These shares are not listed in any stock exchange. So you cannot sell these shares. It will give you fake shares and fix its price. When you sell shares, you will not get money.

Withdraw money from Jaa Lifestyle

You will not need to withdraw money from Jaa Lifestyle. Because you cannot earn money here. It will only show you in your account that you get money in certain amount. This amount will show in your Jaa Lifestyle but you cannot withdraw.

Jaa Lifestyle Rela or Fake Conclusion

Investing money in Jaa Lifestyle company is risky. This company is not listed anywhere. If you invest your money here, you will not get any return.

We have taken reviews from many websites and individuals. According to him Jaa Lifestyle is fake. Here you are only shown big dreams and some amount of money is taken from you. So only the company makes money.

Jaa Lifestyle has no legal proof that it is an authorized company. So far Jaa Lifestyle has not given money to anyone. Only ads are shown here. The company also keeps the money for these ads. Jaa Lifestyle only uses users and takes money from them. So it can be said that this company is a fraud.