A challenge is trending a lot right now. In which people eat the world’s hottest chip and make a video. This challenge has been done by many youtubers on Youtube. You will find many such videos on Instagram and Facebook as well. In which people eat jolo chip and record their reaction.

The chip is available on Amazon and Flipkart. If you want to buy jolo chip online then this post will help you a lot. Here we have provided a lot of necessary information about this chip. Which you need to know before buying chips. If you want to get Worlds Hottest Chip, then many things need to be taken care of.

What is Jolochip

Jolo chip is a type of chip. Many spices are added to it. A secret ingredient is mixed in these chips. So jolo chip becomes Worlds Hottest Chip.

On the box of this chip you can see the skull mark in red color. Which means danger. On the front side of the box is written last chip challenge. That is, after eating this chip once, you will not try this chip again.

Jolo chip is very spicy and should be kept away from small children. This chip can only be eaten by people 18+. If you want to eat this chip, it is necessary to read the instructions of the product first. If you are going to eat this chip then you need to keep milk or sweet next to you. In the beginning of this challenge, you will feel that you will be able to complete the challenge comfortably. But with time your condition will deteriorate.

Buy Jolochip From Amazon

To order Jolo chips from Amazon you have to first check whether jolo chip is in stock or not. If the chip is in stock then follow the steps given below.

  • First you have to open Amazon.
  • In Amazon you will get a search option.
  • You have to type Jolochip in search option.
  • Type and press the search button.
  • Now you will see many results.
  • You have to click on the result first.
  • Here you will get an option called number of chips selection. Select as many chips as you want to buy.
  • After selecting the number of Chips, click on the buy option.
  • Now you have to enter your address and payment details.
  • Book the order after confirming the payment details and address.
  • Now in few days you will get jolochip.

Buy Jolochip From Flipcart

  • To buy Jolochip from Flipkart first open Flipcart.
  • Now press the search button and type Jolochip.
  • You will get many Jolochip results. You have to click on the original product.
  • Select as many chips as you want to buy and click on buy.
  • Confirm order by entering address and payment details.

If you follow the steps given above, you will get your product within a week.

Jolo Chip Price in India (Rupees)

The price of Jolo chip is different on Amazon and Flipkart. Amazon and Flipkart prices are not much different. The price of jolo chip in India is 199 ₹. If you take the big 10g packet, it costs ₹398. Chips are same in both the packets, only the quantity is different.

  • Product: Jolo Chip
  • Weight: 5g
  • Price: 199 ₹
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Category: food
  • Review: Good

A chip comes in a small packet which weighs 5 grams. If you want to take a big packet, you can take it. A big packet comes with 2 chips weighing 10 grams.

Jolochip Review

Many youtubers and Instagram reelers have done this challenge. The box of Jolochip comes in red and white color. On opening the box you will find a single chip inside a cover.

Chip is very spicy and red in color. If you hold this chip in your hand, the spice will stick to your hand as well.

You can eat chips together or in pieces. Toduk feels sharp after eating Chip. After some time everything will feel normal to you. But after some time your cheeks will start burning. Gradually you will start burning in the mouth and period.

If you eat the whole chip at once, the effect will be more visible. You must keep a safety item with you while doing this challenge.