Free fire 9999 diamond trick

Today, Freefire is a very good battle royal game. Which is played by crores of people in India. After pubg Ban all all people started to playing this game more.

This game is famous because of its graphics but at the same time it is also famous for the unique things like clothes, weapons, characters,pet etc.

You will need a diamond to buy all things. If you purchase all the things then you look pro player. So in this game all the players hope to get the diamond for free.

So today we will talk about how you can increase your diamond by following some secret tricks without spending a single rupee. Let’s know

how to redeem free diamond without money in free fire

If you want 9999 diamonds in your free fire account within 2 minutes then know these 4 steps. Know and use the right way. Purchase your favorite Legendary items without any money.

If you read this entire post without skipping, then you will be able to buy 100% of your favorite things 101% proven ways. which no one else will tell you.

So there are 4 ways in it which are mentioned below. Use all those methods and get instant all the steps carefully.

Way to get free fire Diamonds

  • Using diamond generator
  • Using earning apps and pass counter
  • Using script
  • By Top up

We have described all these methods up-to-date below. So without any delays, let’s see the whole process.

Get free diamonds using diamond generator tool or website

If you use any website or tool in your game to get pad things for free, then it is against the policy of the game.

If you search about it on YouTube and Google,then you will get hundred of the results. But most of tricks are useless.

also read full post.

In this,you have to provide the ID number of your game and you will be asked to provide your Gmail password. Then you will be asked how many stone you want according to which all people give 9999 literally. You have to confirm in the last.

After all the processing, loading will happen and the end of the process will tell you that your work has been successfully done. But even after all these processes nothing will happen. With this, they take your Gmail and its password.

Therefore,you do not fall into such things, it’s waste your time.

So let’s talk about other ways.

earning app and pass counter 2020 – work or not

You will find a lot of app on PlayStore, in which you will be told how you can take diamond in your account by completing your tasks and looking at survey ads. Booyah app, diamonds counter app, pass counter app,swag bugs are all examples of these apps.

Pass counter

In these,you will be asked your ID name and number in the beginning. You have to create a profile in them. App will show you ads,will have to play other games, will have to complete surveys. In lieu of all these things you will get coins which you will later be able to use to buy your diamond through your Google Credit.

You will find a lot of fake apps in it. You should only use proven aaps or else all your hard work will go waste and your account may also be lost due to third party aap being made.

How to use unlimited diamonds script in game guardian

First off all you will have to install game guardian from their official site in your mobile phone. For which you will have to root your phone (Currently available in non-rooted devices.)

  • You have to open your game with game guardian.
  • How to use unlimited diamonds script in game guardian
  • game guardian and script

Then you will get the interface you see in the image. In which you will find a floating icon on which you have to click.
Later you have to search your keys and diamond numbers by going to the search menu.
You will get more than one result.

You have to search for the right number and write as many coins as you want and click OK.

With this, you will see the number you have added on your screen. But you will not be able to use them.

You will be able to change the number in your mobile but cannot change it in the game’s orignal server. Therefore you will not to get any benefit it. But you will be able to get the showoff in front of your friends.

safe and reliable top up

old and most accurate way to get a diamond is to top up. A very legal way,how to do it? I will tell you now

  • You have to open your game.
  • Go to diamond purchase.
  • Select your bank option or paytm
  • Select your plan
  • Make payment

He will get you 10,29,80,200 rupees options. Whatever you like the Ocean you have to choose and it will be done.

Ff Diamonds Generator without any human verification

See Free Fire is a battle royale game. After today, PUBG Ban is the most played game in India. In this,you get more than one expansive item whose clothes,pets,Weapon skin etc. You get the legendary items for free,and you have to buy diamonds to purchase all this things.

So all the players who play this game they need more and more money to look pro.

You will find thousands of videos and articles on the internet which claim to give you unlimited everything. But 95% of those videos and websites are spammed and mislead you.

Let’s talk about generating diamond in FF without any human verification. Whatever the server-based games of the people are, the data of all the games remains in their own servers. The data that can be changed only in their server.

Therefore all things to get free thing without human verification is misleading you.

So can we do nothing else? Let’s see about the next point.

what is important of diamonds in your game?
What is use of

Thia game is a battle royale game. In which you can play with your friends. At the same time you have to play with another 50 players.

In this, you get more than one legendary item such as clothes, hair, shoes that means outfits. Many stomachs which have Kate, Panda, Falcon, Black Panther which have some special power. New and special power character liks DJ Alok is available, Wepon’s skin,elite pass a and all the things you can take only by using it. With the help of which you can show off in front of your friends.

How to get free diamonds without using of any hack and cheat

Do you have to take any diamonds given without cheating or hack,in the same legal way, its only right way is top-up. You can do a lot of things by doing online transactions with your real money.

This is the right and proven method that everybody uses. If you want to make all this item free without any expense then it is impossible.

You are wasting your time by visiting third party site or watching videos. All things are done to fool you. They benefit from this, but you will not benefit any. The opposite will be your time and money waste,your data will be stolen.

Therefore, I request you to do your work only in right way and not waste your time in using tricks

Can we really get free diamonds in free fire?

You must have known by now that we cannot take diamonds without any expense by using any tricks. You have to spend a little bit of money.

You are not disappointed at all. I am going to provide you all this thing absolutely free. Therefore,you have to participate in Give Away. In order to participate in this, write your I’d number and your user name in the comment below. I will look at those comments and gift them to my 25 people who have made a good comment with my money in their account within 2 minutes.

Those who had commented in our previous post, I have sent a gift to 25, which I have posted on my Instagram.

Warm up
In this we learned that the methods of getting the most of diamonds are intricate. How can you do your job properly without getting cheated? Most hacking tricks fool you. The right way is to top up, do not use the third party aaps otherwise your account will get banned.

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