Kaztro gaming room, Setup, first look and specifications


Why is Kaztro famous?

Kaztro is famous among people for his gaming skills and video editing. He makes videos in his local language. He makes videos of GTA 5 and PUBG game. He makes gameplay videos of Pubg and role play videos of GTA 5. People love to watch his videos because he makes any video interesting with his editing.

Kaztro is a gaming channel. The name is Kaztro gaming. He has more than 1.3 million subscribers on this channel. All these audiences are south indian because they make videos in tamil language.

Apart from its gaming channel, there are two other channels. One channel is named Kaztro vlogs and the other channel is AKV official. He uploads daily life style related videos on Kaztro vlogs channel. In which he shares his daily activities with people.

What is Kaztro Real Name?

Kaztro’s real name is Muhammed Ramees. He prefers to be known by his Youtube name instead of his real name. He changed his name to Kaztro during his college days. He loved his name very much. So he has kept the name Aaj in his Instagram and Facebook account as well.

Kaztro Real Phone Number

Phone number of Kaztro is +91 996362xxxx. This number is provided by his friend. His friends contact him through this number. He is very famous youtuber. So its full number is with few people. He has not announced any of his contact details in public. He likes to stay in his room. Whenever he goes out with his friends, he immediately gets his fans.

So he doesn’t like to go out. He has 4 cars. He is very fond of collecting cars. He bought a BMW i4 car some time ago. The price of this car is 59 lakh Indian rupees. This is a fully electric car which gives an average of 565 km once fully charged. He has also made a video with this car. If you want to watch this video, you can go to his vlogging channel.

Kaztro gaming room tour

Kaztro is a gamer. So he has a gaming pc. The price of his gaming pc is 2.5 lakhs. He uses 2 monitors with father’s pc. In one monitor he is gaming and in the other monitor he is reading live commentary.

His entire gaming setup is built on an L-shaped white table. Monitor, pc, keyboard, mouse and phone are kept on his table. He has installed RGB lights behind his monitor.

Above is a video of his gaming room. In which you can see everything properly.

The main work in its setup is color light. There are 2 big lights and 4 small color lights in his room. He has installed rgb strip lights in his entire room.

He has kept 2 gaming chairs in his room. In his old video there is a gaming chair but he has made a new video in which he has unboxed another gaming chair. He keeps a bad behind father’s chair and monitor. All day she makes contect and sleeps on bad at night.

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