why Kaztro So famous

Kaztro Gaming is very famous south indian gamer. His channel has 1.35 million subscribers. He makes Pubg, Bgmi and Gta 5 games related videos. It has a gaming channel, a vlogging channel and KVA official youtube channel. The name of the vlogging channel is Kaztro vlogs and it has 708k subscribers on this channel. KVA official channel has 152k subscribers.

He uploads gaming related videos on Kaztro Gaming channel. He shares his daily life style with people on Kaztro vlogs channel. On his third channel KVA official, he uploads videos with his father’s team. It has three main channels.

It is very good pubg player. He became famous because of pubg gameplay videos and live streams. He makes videos in his local languages ​​Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Most of South Indian people watch his videos. He has also gone to play the tournament with his squad. He is very good youtuber and pubg player.

Kaztro Car Name and Price

He has total 4 cars. The name of Kaztro’s new car is BMW-i4 which is priced at 69 lakhs. This is an electric car. Kaztro likes to ride different vehicles. So he drives different vehicles in his vlog videos. He has uploaded the video of test drive of electric BMW on his YouTube channel. If you want to watch its full video, it is given below.

BMW-i4 car is a new model of BMW company. This car is full electric. This car is fully charged in 3 hours. The advantage of an electric car is that it does not pollute and does not make noise. The price of electric car in India is very high. So people who are fond and have money buy such cars. The average and reviews of this car are very good.

Kaztro Car Model and Number

His car model is fully-electric BMW i4. Fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology has been used in this car. BMW gives an average of 14,590 kilometers after a full charge.

BMW is a very good and branded company. The cars of this company are very expensive and good. Many Indian youtubers have this car.

Kaztro makes gaming and unboxing videos on his YouTube channel. In unboxing videos he reviews gaming pc, tablet and phone. He has also uploaded many gaming gadget videos on his channel. If you are his fan then you can join his other youtube channel. He shares his daily activities on Vlogging channel.