Hello friends, welcome to our post. Are you crazy about the South movie? If yes,then today we are going to talk about a movie which is very trending today. This movie is the best romantic movie ever. After watching this movie, I have become a fan of the South movie.

The name of this movie is Geetha Govindam. The main role is played by Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna. In this movie, you will see the combination of both the stars in such a way that you will be happy. I urge you to watch this movie once.

You will see many viral videos of Geetha Govindam on social media. This movie has been aired on youtube for the first time through goldmines telefilms. If you are active on youtube, you will see this movie. You can download this movie through the link given here.

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The main hero in this movie is Vijay Deverakonda who lives with his friend. Once he has to go to his sister’s wedding. Meanwhile, he meets the heroine Rashmika Mandanna on the bus. During this visit, the two introduce each other. On the bus, Vijay Deverakonda accidentally kisses Rashmika Mandanna. So Rashmika Mandanna gets very annoyed. Seeing this, the hero jumps out of the bus.

Now Vijay Deverakonda arrives at his sister’s wedding. Where he finds the heroine. He is very angry with the hero. But the heroine’s brother’s wedding is going to take place with the hero’s sister. So she doesn’t say anything.

After some time, the two get ready for the wedding, during which they go out with Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna. They go to give a marriage card to their relative. That is why he considers the hero a bad person.

In this way, they both deliver marriage cards to their relatives for many days. Meanwhile, Rashmika Mandanna realizes that the hero is a very good person and what happened on the bus was due to a mistake. So now the heroine likes hero Begins to do.

After some time, the marriage is over. Then Rashmika Mandanna tells Vijay Deverakonda about her feelings. Vijay Deverakonda is happy to hear this but refuses to marry her.

Within a few days, the heroine is ready to marry another man. The hero is very sad to hear that. Because now he also started liking the heroine very much. The hero was angry. Hearing this, the hero goes away. Then when the heroine is married, the hero comes. We think that the hero will do something new now. But he starts crying holding the legs of the heroine’s brother Insists.

Seeing this, the heroine’s anger ends and Hussein agrees to marry her brother to the hero. This is how the happy ending of this story ends.

Geetha Govindam All-star cast

  • Hero: Vijay Deverakonda as Govind
  • heroine: Rashmika Mandanna as a heroine
  • Subbaraju: phaneendra
  • Vennela kishore: khishore
  • Nagendra babu: hero father
  • Rahul ramakrishna: hero best friend
  • Nithya menen: hero guide

Geetha Govindam in Hindi Download link

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