In Garena free fire game you will find many gloo wall skins. Free fire adds new gun skins, bundles and glow wall skins in every event. Seeing so many skins, we have a question. Which of these skins would be the best? When you spend diamonds and buy skins, you should be aware that you are not buying a normal thing. For that, a list of Top 5 Legendary Gloo Wall Skins In Free Fire has been given here. Through which you can select Legendary Gloo Wall Skin for yourself.

Gloo wall skin can make a difference in a match. All gloo wall skins have different abilities and damage capacities. If you buy a high level gloo wall skin, your chances of winning the match will increase. You can know which skin is better from the list below.

Best Legendary glow wall skin in Free Fire

Gate To Oblivion

“Once you enter, there is no escape” – this is a tag line of this glow wall. This gloo wall comes in red color with a picture of devil in the center. This gloo wall looks very good. When you do this in Gloo Wall Clash Squad, the attention of all the players turns towards you. This is a very Legendary and rare gloo wall skin. You have to spend a lot of diamonds to get this gloo wall. This skin was first seen in free fire in the Shark Attack Top-Up Event.

Death Guardian

Death Guardian is one of my favorite gloo wall skins. This gloo wall skin comes with yellow color and robot face in central. The border of Gloo wall is yellow color and the leaf in cement color in between is the specialty of this Gloo wall skin. In the Death Guardian skin, you will find a robot type face in the center, which enhances the look of the gloo wall.

The damage capacity of Death Guardian gloo wall skin is higher than other gloo wall skins. It takes 2x bullets to break a Death Guardian gloo wall skin than it would normally take to break a normal gloo wall.

Swordsman Legend

This gloo wall skin came in the Swordsman Legend Top Up Event. This gloo wall skin looks very beautiful with purple color and golden swords. In this gloo wall skin you can see two golden swords in the center and the bottom side golden bar. If you want to buy this gloo wall skin then you have to use minimum 500 to 600 diamonds.

Blood Hockey

This gloo wall skin was first seen in Free Fire in Death Penalty Elite Pass 2019. In this gloo wall skin you get a red fire color which has two hockey sticks and a skull in the center. When you use this gloo wall, the enemy gets busy looking at your gloo wall design. The look of this gloo wall skin is very good from far and near. You can buy the Blood Hockey Gloo wall skin for 500 diamonds.

Shamrock Explosion

This gloo wall came during the Ramadan Top-Up Event in Free Fire. Green color gloo wall and “FALTH” text sticker in the center is the specialty of this gloo wall. If you have this skin, no enemy in front of you will be more interested in looking at the gloo wall instead of killing you. You have to spend 300 to 400 diamonds to get this gloo wall.

This gloo wall skin is found in both Free Fire and Free Fire Max. In Free Fire, different events are happening from time to time. In which new gloo wall skin is added. If you buy the Legendary Gloo Wall skin during the event, you will get less diamonds. After the end of the event in Free Fire, the glow wall skin is obtained.