LIZO Biography

Lizo is a pubg youtuber. Which makes pubg related content. Pubg is very famous game. Worldwide pubg has been downloaded more than 500 million. There are different versions of this game depending on the country. Due to this popularity, the number of pubg content creators is also increasing.

Lizo is a pubg player and youtuber by profession. He started creating pubg related content from 2019. Many people have gained fame through Pubg game. One of which is named lizo gamer. He is known for his commentary. If you like funny and excited commentary then you can watch lizo’s video.

LIZO YouTube Channel

He opened his YouTube channel in 2019. After that he published many pubg gameplay videos. But very few views were coming on his video. He has made all kinds of pubg videos. Currently he is a successful youtuber and gamer. People watch his videos attentively. From his video, people get many tips and tricks to play the game.

100 people are dropped on a ground in PUBG. In which you can land at the place of your choice. Lizo’s favorite place is Pochinki. This spot is considered as a hot sport. Many players land in Pochinki. So lizo gets good content for her videos.

LIZO pubg ID Number

Lizo’s pubg id is 5159000781. You can friend lizo through this number. For that you have to open pubg and enter this id number in the search friend option. After clicking on search you will get original lizo’s profile. In which you can become a friend by sending a request.

LIZO Facts

  • Lizo is proficient in using awm and akm.
  • His favorite gun is Scar L.
  • His favorite pubg player is jonathan.
  • He is a close range and long range player.
  • “Patt se mara” is its tag line. He uses this tag line in all videos.
  • Lizo has a Ps5 to play games.