Lokesh gamer’s real name is Lokesh raj. He is the top free fire player of India and a youtuber. He has 13 million subscribers on his channel. He uploads videos of free fire gameplay on his channel. is free fire player. Today in this post we will see the common questions related to Lokesh gamer that is asked by their fans. Like What is Lokesh Gamer Phone number? What is Lokesh Gamer Whatsapp number? How to meet Lokesh Gamer? Who is Lokesh Gamer’s Girlfriend? What is Lokesh Gamer’s office address? What is Lokesh gamer real name? How much lokesh gamer earn from youtube? What is lokesh gamer Facebook id and password? In addition, we will know about Lokesh gamer’s social media status, free fire status, salary, personal life, and family.

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Lokesh Gamer wiki biography

Lokesh gamer’s real name is Lokesh raj. He is a free fire player and youtube content creator. He has more than 23 million subscribers on his channel. Lokesh gamer has a net worth of 20 lakh to 25 lakh. People love to watch videos of Lokesh gamers. They also stream live on youtube.

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Real NameLokesh Raj Singh
In-Game NameLokesh Gamer
Date of Birth22 November 2000
Birth PlaceHyderabad, Telangana, India
Free Fire UID220528068
DeviceIphone 12 Pro Max
Instagram ID@lokeshraj07

Lokesh gamer youtube and gaming career

Lokesh gamer is a famous free fire player and YouTuber from India. They upload a free fire gameplay video on youtube and stream it live. He started his youtube channel on 16th November 2017. The name of his youtube channel is Lokesh gamer. They have uploaded 967 videos on this channel. The total view of all these videos is 1,236,883,392.

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Free fire is a very popular battel royale shooting game. Today people all over the world play free fire. The craze of free fire is increasing day by day. Free fire game company is promoting their game a lot. For that, new people join the gaming field every day. there are many free fire YouTubers on youtube. of which lokesh gamer are many famous YouTuber.people like to watch their videos. they also do a live stream of free fire games. their live stream is watched by millions of people and also super chat doing.

Lokesh Gamer’s Free Fire ID and stats

220528068 is the free fire id of Lokesh gamer. His account is very valuable. Because he has a collection of rare bundles and clothes. Lokesh gamer account price is near 14 lakh to 17 lakh. This is the estimated price. Has come.

He is very good free fire player. They have special clothes and gun skin. They are also called badges king. Because lokesh gamer has 35000+ badges. They give a free diamond gift to their subscribers. They also play free fire tournaments. Their rank status in solo, duo, and squad is as follows.

Lifetime stats

Total Lokesh gamers played 3155 matches and win 672 matches. His success ratio is 21.29%. He has killed 5767 in this match. Lokesh gamer’s K / D is 2.32.

They have played a total of 1473 squad matches. Out of which they have won 142 matches. Their squad match success ratio is 9.64%. In this match, they have killed a total of 2438 and K / D of 2.38.

He has played 1177 solo matches. Out of which he has won 124 matches. The success ratio in his solo match is 10.53%. He has killed 2077 in this match. His K / D is 1.99.

  • Total squad games: 3148
  • Win: 672
  • Total Kills: 5759
  • K / D: 2.33

Ranked stats

Lokesh gamer has been playing free fire since season 1. So his rank stats are very good. He has played a total of 5379 squad matches. Out of which he has won 1528 matches. According to which his match winning ratio is 12.4%. , According to which their K / D is 3.45.

They play fewer duo matches. They have played a total of 468 duo matches. Out of which they have won 45 matches. Their success ratio is 10%. They have killed 1241 in this match.

They have played a total of 1528 solo matches. Out of which, 146 matches have been won. Accordingly, their success ratio is 9.23%. They have killed a total of 4529. Their K / D is 4.2. Accordingly, the lokesh gamer headshot rate is 12.4%. Many people recognize sniping.

  • Total match: 95
  • Win: 31
  • Kill: 223 kills
  • K / D Ratio: 3.48

Youtube success Lokesh gamer

Lokesh gamer is famous for his game skill and live stream. His live stream is watched by millions of people. He is a pro free fire player. He is the top free fire YouTuber in India. He currently has 13 million subscribers on his channel. He will know the lokesh gamer while playing. He is also known for his sniping.

If we talk about the education of Lokesh gamer, he is 12th pass. He had less interest in teaching, so he chose gaming as his career.
He started his youtube channel in November 2017. The free fire game was new at that time. People were playing this game less. Lokesh gamer’s start playing free fire from its launch. He liked to play free fire. And uploading to youtube. At that time the view on the lokesh gamer’s video was less. Now all the videos of Lokesh gamer are 1 million to 5 million views. They have grown very fast in the youtube field

He currently has 967 videos on the youtube channel. He uploads 1 video daily. His videos are very good. So people share them too. His videos have funny commentary and excellent gameplay. His channel is currently the 1253rd. most subscribed YouTube channel in the world and 528th most subscribed channel in India.

He started the LR7 GAMING channel on October 6, 2018. LR7 GAMING is the second youtube channel of Lokesh gamer. He has 1.13 million subscribers on this channel. He has uploaded 195 videos on this channel. The total views of all these videos are 12,442,896.

Most viewed video of Lokesh gamer channel

The video of LOKESH GAMER VS DYLAND PROS 1V1 CUSTOM FINAL MATCH went viral on his channel, which was published on 2020-10-15. it’s became the most viewed video from his channel. He has 25M views and 1M likes on this video.

Lokesh Gamer Net Worth and Income

Lokesh gamer earns money from youtube. His monthly income is 5 lakh rupees. Accordingly, his daily income is 15 thousand. His annual income is 25 lakh to 30 lakh. He has bought a car from his own income. Lokesh gamer car name is The Ford Mustang is the GT. He gets money from youtube through Adsense. He has to show ads on the video. In addition, he earns money through promotion in his video. He gets gifts and money from the free-fire company because he promotes the free fire game. He also earns money from Facebook and Instagram. He has many followers on Instagram and Facebook. He promotes products and games on social media.

Lokesh Gamer girlfriend name and Relationship

Lokesh gamer’s girlfriend’s name is Priya adaval. Lokesh gamer upload one video related to his girlfriend. Video title is “Prank In My Girlfriend Account Wasting Her 20,000 Diamonds At Garena Free Fire 2020 ″ you can see this video on youtube. In this video, he pranks with his girlfriend. In which he tells his girlfriend that I have taken 20 thousand rupees from your account. Which I have used to take diamonds in free fire games.

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Lokesh gamer Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Address, Facebook ID, Email ID, and Password

Phone Number+91-992-537-xxxx
WhatsApp Number+91-992-721-xxxx
House AddressNot Available
Contact Phone NumberNot Available
Office Phone NumberNot Available
Agent Phone NumberNot Available
Email IdRajsingh7@gmail.com
Official WebsiteNot Available

Lokesh gamer uploads videos on Facebook and Instagram along with youtube. He has 2 million followers on Instagram. He is also active on the discord server. His social media link and discord link are given below. You can click on the link to connect with him.

YouTube Channel:  LOKESH GAMER

Instagram Handle:  lokeshraj07




Lokesh gamer comes live on Facebook. In which he talks to his fan and subscriber.

Lokesh gamer height, weight, color, and Body Measurement

Body Measurement N/A
Chest  32 inches
Hight5 feet
weight69 kg
Waist  N/A
Biceps  N/A
Body ShapeMesomorph
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

Lokesh gamer family member detail

Here you are given the family detail of Lokesh raj. Lokesh gamer’s surname is Singh. Lokesh gamer’s father’s name is Rakesh and he works for the police. His mother is a housewife. Lokesh gamer has a sister. His sister’s name is kinjal. She is also free fire players and YouTuber. Lokesh gamer’s sister uid is 451012168.

FathetRakesh Singh
MotherRamila Singh
SisterKinjal Singh
GirlFriendPriya Adaval
Marital StatusUnmarried

Lokesh Gamer amazing Facts

  • He has bought a Kawasaki Z900 bike worth Rs 10 lakh.
  • Lokesh gamer has a hip hope bundle. Apart from this he also has many bundles.
  • Their gaming setup is worth Rs 5 lakh.
  • ajjubhai and Amit bhai are his good friends.
  • Lokesh is a gamer college dropout.
  • He bought the house in 2018 with his own money.
  • Lokesh gamer is included in the top 5 free fire players in India.

Thank you to read this post. If you have any questions related to Lokesh gamer, please comment below.

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What is Lokesh Gamer Phone Number 2021?

His phone number is +91-992-537-xxxx.

What is Lokesh Gamer WhatsApp Number?

His WhatsApp number is +91-992-721-xxxx.

What is Lokesh Gamer email ID and password?

Lokesh gamer’s email id is lokeshgamer007@gmail.com and it’s password is lokesh8291.

What is the name of lokesh gamer?

His girl friend name is riya adaval.lokesh gamer met his girl friend during school.

What is the job of Lokesh gamer?

Lokesh gamer is full time youtuber and free fire player. He does not do any government or private job. He earns money by making videos on youtube.

Is lokesh gamer richest noob in free fire?

Yes, we all know that lokesh gamer is richest noob in free fire.

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