Yes, we all know that, in an ideal world, toddlers wouldn’t need kid apps. They’d go straight from playing with handcrafted wooden toys to doing Montessori-inspired activities without batting an eye, their brains satiated with enrichment. 

Nowadays due to the rise of phones and the internet, the craze for people to play games has increased a lot. People play games all day long. All these people are called a game lovers.

So for such game lovers, we have brought here some types of games from which you can find and play the game of your choice.

We will talk about the main 4 game types here.

major Types of mobile games to play in 2021


  1. Shooting games
  2. Action games
  3. Racing Games
  4. Board games

Shooting games


The game in which any kind of gun is used is called a shooting game. In it, you get different types of weapons. With the help of which you have to kill someone else.


1. first-person shooting game

Here you have to destroy another person or thing by gun. You are shown only two hands here. You will feel like you are playing inside the game. Here you will get a first-person view.

Example: frag pro shooter, kaboom 3d, N.O.V.A legacy


2. Battle Royale

Battle royal game is played a lot nowadays. Here you and other players are placed on an island. You have to collect weapons from home and different locations.

There is a safe zone inside this game. All the players have to stay within this zone. Over time this zone gets smaller and all the players kill each other.

This one likes survival. The one who grows last wins.

Example: Pubg, Free fire, Fortnite, call of duty


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3. Sniper

In a sniper-type game, you get a sniper gun. With the help of which you have to shoot the target. In this type of game, you mainly play the role of a sniper man who takes the money instead of killing other people.

Example: sniper 3d, hitman, modern sniper


4. Zombies shooting

Here you are in a world where people have become zombies due to the spread of viruses. You have to protect yourself and your family from zombies.

You get different weapons to fight with Zombies. With this weapon you kill Zombies.

Example: unkilled, dead trigger, walk in the dead


5. Animal hunting game

In an animal hunting game, you play the role of a hunter who kills animals for money. In this game, you are in a forest that kills other animal-like lions, deer, bears, tigers, etc.

Example: wild hunt, safari hunt, wild animal Hunter



Action games



1. Fighting games

In this type of game, you have to fight with other people. You get small and big weapons like an ax, bat, hammer, etc. with the help of which you can fight with another person.

Shadow fight, fighting tiger, mortel blad


2. Wrestling games

Here you are a wrestler. You have to do a boxing match with another player. The person who wins after finishing the health of the first opponent wins. You will see different levels here. These games are offline and online.

Example: wrestling revolution, WWE mayhem, rowdy wrestling


3. shooting games

Shooting games are included in action games. Above we have given information about shooting games in detail. Mainly you have to shoot a person or thing with a gun here.


Racing Games


In a racing game, you have to race through a vehicle in which you have to reach the first finish line leaving behind another vehicle like a bike, car, etc.


1. car racing

In the car racing game, you are given a car. You have to reach the finish line before the second car here. Here you have the option to upgrade the car, design the car, etc. The game is offline and online which you can play with your friends.

Example: asphalt 9, CRS racing 2, gt racing


2. Bike Racing

You get two will bike rides here. You have to reach the first finish line behind your other bike rider here. You get the option to play with friends here, through which you can play with your friends.

Example: bike unchained, real Moto 2, motor toure


3. Driving traffic

Here you have to drive on the road by bike, car, bus or another vehicle. You get different levels here. As the level increases the traffic increases. You have to play in such a way that there is no accident.

Example: traffic rider, traffic racer, traffic tour


4. Parking games

The parking game is mainly to park the car or bus at the designated location. Here you have the option to customize the car. With the help of which you can customize your car.

You will see the levels here. In which the difficulty increases as the level increases.

Example: dr. parking 4, advance car parking, parking mania


Board games


All board games are called board games. You can play board games with your friends or family members. This type of game is about peace and patience. Below is the mainboard.

Strategy board games

Chess, ludo, carrom, bingo are all Strategy board games. A chess game can be played by two players. Ludo game can be played by 2 to 4 players. Carrom can be played by 2 to 4 players.

Ludo as a board game is very famous in all these games.


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Final thought

Here we see different types of games and games. Here we see shooting games, racing games, action games, board games, etc. Apart from this, there are all kinds of coriander games.

Let us know in the comment box below if you would like to add another game category to this list.

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