Mc stan is a 23 year old Indian rapper. His real name is Altaf Tadavi. He is known for his songs like Basti Ka Hasti, Snake, and Ek Din Pyaar. What is Mc Stan Phone number? What is Mc Stan Contact Number? What is Mc Stan office address? Who is Mc Stan’s Girlfriend? Here you will find the answer to this question.

If you like Mc Stan song then you will like this post. Here you will find out how you can talk to him.

How To Contact Mc Stan

Mc Stan is most credited with revolutionizing the hip-hop and rap industry. Although his age is very young, people love to write his songs. So age is just a number for mc stan. He has just started his career. From the beginning of his career, he was called in TV shows like Big Boss.

He also became the winner of Big Boss 2022. He has received the most votes from Shudhi’s big boss shows so far.

Mc stan’s most famous song is “Basti Ka Hasti”. He sang this song with Salman Khan. Due to his outlook and attitude, he stands out from others.

  • real : Altaf Tadavi, Altaf Shaikh
  • age : 23
  • Phone number : +91 9914054xxx
  • WhatsApp number : +91 9965525xxx
  • Address : from mumbai
  • Education : 10th pass

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Mc Stan Biography and Phone Number

There is no information available on the internet about Mc Stan’s family. He has not shared any information about his parents and other family members.

  • Father: Update soon
  • Mother: Update soon
  • Brother: Update soon
  • Sister: Update soon

Mc Stan phone number and Whatsapp number

Mc stan is very famous singer. So he gets many phone calls in a day. He is also very busy due to his work. Due to his busy life style, he cannot talk to many of his fans.

  • Phone number : +91 9914054xxx
  • WhatsApp number : +91 9965525xxx

If he doesn’t pick up your call, understand that he is busy. You only have to call for a few times. If you call repeatedly, it will block your number.

Mc Stan Net worth

Mc Stan’s main source of income is concerts. He organizes his concerts in different places. Many people come with tickets to see Mc Stan live. Apart from this he also earns through youtube videos.

  • Monthly income : 30 lakh+
  • Net Worth: $3 Million USD
  • Income source: music shows and concerts

Mc Stan home address and email id

If you want to attend mc stan’s show/concert then you can do advance booking. For that you can check online when and where his next show is.

  • Address: 400143 Mumbai
  • Personal email id:

Many people even go to his house to meet him. He lives in Mumbai. He produces music together with his team. There are many videos of him in which he is making songs at his home. So people want to visit his house.

Mc Stan Height and Weight

  • Height: 173 cm/ 1.73 m
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Hair color: black, purple, green
  • Hair style: mix

His height is 173 centimeters i.e. 1.73 meters. His weight is about 58 kg. She keeps different hair styles.

Mc Stan Girlfriend and Relationship

  • Girlfriend: Niya
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Affairs: N/A