namo Kaul (namo sir) age, wife, birthday, IIT & biography


namo Kaul biography

Namo kaul is the co-founder of JEE advance in unacademy as well as he teaches physics.  He is included as the top teacher of the unacademy. Namo kaul comes from a middle-class family. He passed iit and started teaching at unacademy. Today we know him as namo sir.

Real name : namo kualnamo kual
Wife name Purnima Lodhi
Birth date 28 November 1989
Age 32 year
Net worth 36 Lakh
Job teacher
Platform unacademy
Youtube channel namo kual
Subcriber 29k
Email id
Phone number9925747xyz
namo Kaul (namo sir) age, wife, birthday, IIT & biography

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They used to take online classes on the vedantu app. Then they joined unacademy. Unacademy is an app and website where millions of students study online. Here you will find teachers of all standards and classes.

If you want to join an academy, you can get a subscription. You will get a very good education at a low cost. Here are taught by top teachers of India. Among them, Namo kaul jee and physics are taught. They are included among the top teachers of India.

Namo Kaul age, wife name, and birthdate (personal information)

Namo kaul was born on 28 November 1989. He is 32 years old. He looks young today. He exercises for an hour in the morning so that he looks younger.

Their marriage college was over. Your wife’s name is Purnima Lodhi. She is also a very good Maths teacher. She teaches Maths to her wife 10th student.  You can find many videos of namo sir and his wife on youtube. They make funny youtube shorts with them.

If you search namo kaul on youtube you will find namo sir’s youtube channel. There are 29K subscribers on it. You will also find many vlog videos here. In which namo sir and his wife do many challenges together.  ghar and expansive thing. They live in a small room and teach millions of students.

Namo kaul education (iit pass)

Namo kaul le has done software engineering in Bangalore for 3 years. He has passed the iit exam. His all-India iit rank is 246. He has worked in a private company for 3 years. Then he joined the unacademy.

He did his primary education in a government school. Then he did it in 11th and 12th science private school. He got good marks on the 12th board so he did college in Bangalore.

Namo sir unacademy salary

Namo sir unacademy salary

Namo kaul is the co-founder of jee advance in unacademy as well as he is a physics teacher.  Namo kaul has a monthly salary of Rs 3 lakh. He also gets a house and a car from the unacademy to live in. 20,000 students from his class have passed the jee exam.

In a live stream on Youtube, a student asks Namo sir for his salary. Then he says 3 lakh salary. In addition, he tells the student to ask the man his salary and the woman his age.

Namo sir loves to travel to different places. He and his wife go on tour. If you follow Namo sir on Instagram, you will know how much he loves to travel. He uploads many photos on Instagram. If you want to connect with namo sir, you can join their namo kaul telegram channel.

Below is a video of Namo sir in which he shares his life story as well as a success story. In addition, he answers many personal questions. In this video, he talks about his father who died in an accident. You will love this video.

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