New Mobile Media Real or Fake (Honest Review)


New Mobile Media Review: Hello friends, today we will discuss what is New Mobile Media. Is a New Mobile Media site Real or Fake? New Mobile Media App is safe or not? How does New Mobile Media Site Works? We are going to get answers to the questions etc. Here you are given an NMM review i.e. New Mobile Media Review. You can decide whether New Mobile Media is real or fake by reading this review.

Many people will know about the New Mobile Media app and website. But they don’t know how this company works and how it gives money to its users. Below you are given information in New Mobile Media detail.

New Mobile Media is a company. which claims to give money to people through its app. You have to download the New Mobile Media app from the New Mobile Media website and complete the tasks in the app. You will get money and commission instead of completing the task.

What is New Mobile Media?

People really don’t know that New Mobile Media is a Legit or fake site? For that people create their accounts here and also connect with their friends. If you create your account on any site or app, you should know whether that app or website is legit or not.

New Mobile Media site link:

Above you have given the link to the official website of New Mobile Media.

New Mobile Media is a fraud. It does not return anything to its user. It only completes its necessary tasks with you. So the blame is only on the company. We suggest people stay away from the New Mobile Media website and app.

New Mobile Media Real or Fake/ Safe or not

New Mobile Media is a Fake and Fraud website. New Mobile Media is not safe for us. Below are some reasons why this website is safe and fake.

  • The app is not on the play store.
  • No information about the founder.
  • Registration details and information not found.
  • Many complain.
  • Many bad reviews.
  • No official contact details are available.
  • No working contact details.
  • Lots of complaints online.
  • certificates and proofs are fake.
  • Fake social media accounts.
  • The app is completely fake.
  • New Mobile Media shows you big dreams and only asks you to complete certain tasks.

Here you have to complete some simple tasks. Instead of completing the task, you get lakhs of rupees. People give lakhs of rupees to complete a task that can be completed by anyone. This is just a trick to attract people toward you. So that people’s attention falls on their app.

When you download NMM’s app, an account is created for free. Then when you want to withdraw money, money is demanded from you in the name of KYC and recharge. There is no main plan for today’s cup. He extorts money from people in the name of recharge and KYC. Many such apps have already come. Like o2obk, ORich app, Power Bank App, OMG Burse App, HPZToken, and Jazz Bike App.

You should not create your account on such apps and websites. Here your personal and bank details are requested. Giving this information to a fake website and app can be dangerous for you. Your bank account can be hacked. We forbid you to invest money in New Mobile Media. Because New Mobile Media is fake.

How New Mobile Media App Works

New Mobile Media Company does nothing. It makes people dream big. Such a company offers people a big amount of money instead of completing a simple task. Due to this people create their accounts in such apps and invest money. New Mobile Media keeps your invested money and asks you to complete the task. This company collects lakhs of rupees from people and disappears after some time.


According to our review, New Mobile Media App is a fake and fraud company. You should not use New Mobile Media. Here only money is collected from people. Here you are only asked to complete the task so that you feel like you are doing something. There have been many such apps before which disappeared after taking people’s money.

You cannot make any kind of online earning from New Mobile Media Earning. If you want to earn online, you can do affiliate marketing, drop shipping, and freelancing.

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