Hello friends, sometimes when you call someone you see a message of no network registration on the screen of your phone. Today we will bring the solution to this problem in this post.

This problem is seen when you port your SIM card or activate a new card. This problem is seen when you go to a place where there is no network.

This problem is mostly found in Samsung’s phone and airtel sim. Here we will see the process of both. Jio, Vodafone, artel, vi, in all sim this process is the same.

You don’t have to worry. This problem is common. Most of all people have to face this problem once. So don’t worry. The solution is also very simple. Get out of this problem within 2 minutes while you are sitting. Will come

So let us see the solution to this problem.

airtel not registered on network problem

Millions of logos in India use airtel sim. They offer a super-fast 4g network. Their service is very good. However, sometimes you will see a problem with it. You will see this problem in all SIM cards like Jio, Idea, Vi, Vodafone, and BSNL.

However, artel company and other company claims that will give you 4g internet speed

Follow the steps below to fix network not Registered On Network On Airtel

  1. Open your mobile setting
  2. Click on mobile data
  3. Choose your Simcard
  4. Click on mobiles operators
  5. Search available network on airtel
  6. If no network is found then click on choose automatically

This process is the same in all mobiles and all simcards.

First, you have to open your setting. In which you will get the option of mobile network setting. It will show you the sim inside your phone. If there is one sim then there is no problem. But if there are two sim cards then you have to select one sim In it you will find the option of mobile operators. If any network is available here, it will show you below. If any network is not available, you will have to click on choose automatically. So whenever any network is found, it will be connected automatically.

reason for airtel sim not registering network

  • Sometimes your network or sim is blocked by company.
  • When you buy a new sim and verification is pending.
  • No network is available.
  • You go to a different location.

This problem occurs due to the above reason. For this, you can talk to your network provider or talk to customer care on 198. He will tell you the real reason for this problem.

Airtel sim suddenly stopped working problem

You and I sometimes have this problem. Suddenly your artel sim stops working. There are many reasons behind this. So below we have given some solutions. You try one by one. Your problem will be solved.

  • Try other carrier SIM cards.
  • Remove the SIM card & restart the device.
  • Update your Phone Software.
  • Turn on airplane mode for 1 minute
  • If there is no signal inside your house, go to open space.
  • Tap on Settings-> Backup & reset-> Network settings -> Reset settings.

many are solutions are given above. You try one at a time.

Normally any mobile currently has 2 sim slots. If you have this problem then you have to put the Simcard in another sim slot. If it doesn’t make any difference then you have to remove the Simcard and restart the phone and then insert sim Keep starting. This problem also comes from not updating the software. So update the software first. If there is no signal in your home or office, go to an open space or terrace. So that the signal is good. Despite doing all this, the sim does not work. So go to settings and turn on the reset setting. So your phone will be reset and it will work like a new phone.

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