Hello friends, today we are going to review an online job/data entry website Onlinedataentryjob. Here we are going to get answers to many questions related to this website. Such as Onlinedataentryjob, such as Is Onlinedataentryjob.com Real or fake? Is Onlinedataentryjob.com safe? What is Onlinedataentryjob.com?, how does Onlinedataentryjob.com Works? etc. Read this post carefully to get answers to all these questions.

Here we are going to review the Onlinedataentryjob.com website. If you don’t know then let me tell you that Onlinedataentryjob.Com is a data entry job website. Which claims that it provides data entry job to its user and in return, it pays the user. You must have seen ads for this website on YouTube and other social media platforms. Here we will know that Onlinedataentryjob.com is a Legit or fake.

What is Onlinedataentryjob.Com

Seeing all these ads, many people create their own accounts on such websites. But before creating an account you should check whether this website is legal or not. Many people will have a question that Onlinedataentryjob is a Scam? So the answer is yes, the Onlinedataentryjob website is 100% Scam. Here you are asked to complete the task in the name of a data entry job. Below you are given information in detail that why Onlinedataentryjob is a Scam.

Reason for Onlinedataentryjob.Com is Fake

Owner Details

First or Owner Details. Online or offline, to know that any company or website is a fraud, you have to find the information of its owner. If you get the correct information about the company or owner of the website, then the website will be authentic. Because fraud companies and websites do not share their owner’s details. Because their company commits fraud, they can be punished. Along with that, you have to check whether the website is legally registered or not. If you get all these details then the website may be legit. But if all this information is missing, understand that the website is a fraud. Similarly, the owner and other details of Onlinedataentryjob.Com are missing. He hides his complete information. Because many fraud caches are running against this website. So no information about the owner and members of Onlinedataentryjob.Com is available.

onlinedataentryjob.com contact number

If you have registered your complaint or want to talk to Onlinedataentryjob then you can’t. Because you will not get any kind of contact details on the Onlinedataentryjob website. On this website, you get the option to complete. If you do your couplet here you will not get any reply. Onlinedataentryjob’s contact details are also not available on its social media platforms. If you contact Onlinedataentryjob on Facebook and Instagram you will not get any reply.


In Onlinedataentryjob you get 10 Indian rupees on a single data entry. If you do typing then you will get 200 rupees for 100 – 200 words. This amount is much more than working. According to the Onlinedataentryjob website, you can earn 7 to 8 thousand rupees per day. This means you can earn 2 to 3 lakh rupees per month through this website. A normal data entry job salary is 10 to 30 thousand max. When you are given 3 lakh rupees to do the same work on the Onlinedataentryjob website. This is just a trick to impress people. So that more people join them.


The design of this website is very bad. Here you will not find any option in its proper place. The design of this website is similar to old fraud websites. Here you get the option to create an account, and the option of data entry task but no option to withdraw money.

onlinedataentryjob com review

onlinedataentryjob is fake is fraud. Above given you main 4 reasons, based on which it can be said that this website is fake. The website is poorly designed, no information about the website owner is available, you cannot contact onlinedataentryjob or register your complaint, and this website offers high prices to people. Keeping all these facts in mind it can be said that the onlinedataentryjob.com website is fake.


Yes, Onlinedataentryjob is a scam site. We suggest you not create your account on Onlinedataentryjob. Here you will only waste time. You will not get any return from this website. There have been many such websites before which used to scam people. Now Onlinedataentryjob website has come which shows people big dreams and earning themselves.