All list of Oreo tv 1.9 2 password

Do you know what oreo tv is? This is an app where you can watch movies, cricket, football, and other sports live. Also, you will see serials and web series here and also at no charge.

The name of this application is derived from oreo biscuits. It is a very large video-sharing platform at present. Here you can find tv shows in all languages.

There are 5000+ channels and all the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood movies available. You can keep the video quality and resolution as per your liking here.

If you like Netflix show then there is good news for you. You can watch the same show free of cost without any membership here.

How to use Oreo tv on PC and laptop

Here we found letest 1.9.1 version of Oreo tv. You can download it from other site.

Use app in pc

You can also use this app inside your pc and laptop. This app works not only on Android but also on iOS. If you want to use this software inside your computer then you have to install bluestack.

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Blustack is software that allows you to use any android or ios app on your computer.

Once bluestack is open you will need to search for oreo tv in its search box.

  • Open bluestack
  • Click on the search button
  • Search for tv app
  • Find your application
  • Go on the installation page

Here you will find the option to install. With the help of which you can install this apk. If you want to run this application on your laptop then repeat the same process on your laptop.

Way to stream live ipl on tv 2021

Ipl on oreo tv

If you want to watch all or any other cricket match live, you can watch it on Hotstar. But there you are charged around 300 ₹ monthly.

You use such an app to avoid this thing. Apart from this, there is another app where you can watch live tournaments and sport.

To watch live cricket inside this application, first, you have to open this app. If a match is being played now, you will find an image on the first page. Click on it. Then your video will start immediately.

Apart from this, you can also watch live ipl through sports channels. For this, you should know at what time cricket is to come on which channel.

simple method to solve oreo tv parsing the package problem

Many times users face pay problems like this: your app does not install or the application parsing the package problem.

There are two main reasons for this. One is if your phone does not have enough storage or your internet is down while downloading the application. So the app cannot be fully packed.

If you have a storage problem, you can simply delete your additional or unnecessary applications. Apart from this, you can format your phone.

What to do if you do not have a storage problem. First, you have to delete the old oreo tv. Because it was interrupted during its download. Now if you download and install it again, your work will be done.

Login id and password for oreo tv application

Friends you will know that to start any application you need to register in it. It is also called signup. After signup, you get your login id and password.

You have to do some long process to create this id. Sometimes you can’t be able to create your user id and password. There fore here we are providing new and working id and passwords. So you don’t have to work hard.

Id: nilsh6391
Password: asii0098

Id: ashu2361
Password: wwvv8855

If you use the id shown above, you will get a premium account of oreo tv. And if you create an account yourself, you will get a normal account. Now it is up to you which account to use.

Top 5 similar apps like Oreo tv

Android tv movies

Oreo tv is not the only app to watch free movies and other shows. Also, there are many more app where you can do all these things.

  • Tea tv
  • Thop tv
  • Jio tv mod
  • Live net apk
  • Tv tap pro
  • Ckay tv
  • Go max live tv

All of the above apps work. Where you can watch videos like oreo tv. Most of these apps you will not find on the play store. Because this is not an authorized app to watch cricket or movie.

Which is a better application to watch free movies?

Hotstar is one of the best apps to watch online movies, ipl, and other shows. This is a legal and authorized app. Where you can buy a monthly plan and watch all these things.

You can buy a subscription for a month or a year. Here you can find different coriander plans. You can choose the plan you like.

Here you can find any movie before it is released. Like Lakshmi Bom. It was first released on Hotstar. In the same way, you can see sport and cricket live. You will find this app on the play store.

This is a 100% legal and authorized app to watch all your favorite short and reality shows. you can buy a subscription and enjoy your all-time on it.

Best oreo tv app for LG WebOS

Oreo tv application by real blogger

People use this app to watch most cricket and movies. And the real fun of watching all these videos comes on TV. For that, people play ipl or movie from their phone and watch it on their smart tv.

Do you also want to watch videos on your android tv or LG webos via mobile? Follow the steps below.

  • Install tv screen caster app on mobile
  • Open application
  • Now turn on your tv hotspot
  • Turn on mobile wi-fi
  • Connect phone wi-fi to tv

Here we see oreo tv 1.9 2 password Now you can watch any videos on your phone. Similarly, you can do it on LG weboss. So you can watch any channel running on your phone on your tv.

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