Are you looking for the phone number of pj explained? Do you know the income and net worth of pj explained? You will find answers to all such questions here. Here we have given all the information about the famous movie review Youtuber of India. If you also want to know all this information, read this article carefully.

Who is Pj Explained

Pj Explained is a famous Indian YouTuber. His YouTube channel has 1.6 million subscribers. It provides reviews of Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood movies. He gives update news about marvel Studios and DC on his channel. People love to watch his shorts videos.

Today people are not fond of watching movies and web series, those people also like to watch PJ videos. His videos have unique concepts and information. People prefer to watch pj’s video before going to watch any movie.

Pj Explained gives honest reviews in his videos. Whether the movie is good or bad, he shares his honest opinion with the public. He has created a youtube channel along with other YouTubers like him. In which total 3 people upload movies and web series related videos. The name of this channel is a man of culture.

What is Pj Explained Phone Number

Pj Explained is a very famous person. The number of his fans is in the millions. When he goes live on Instagram, thousands of people send requests to talk to him. From this, we can know how much people want to talk to pj explained.

Any celebrity, sportsperson, actor, actress, Youtuber, etc keep their number hidden. Because the number of his fans is very high. If they share their number publicly, they get thousands of phone calls daily. Due to this, they cannot concentrate on their work, and a lot of their time is wasted.

Due to many such reasons, no famous person announces their number publicly. To keep their life safe and simple, people give their numbers to the necessary people. If your number is also given to another person, then all your details can be leaked. So you will not find the phone number of any celebrity, actor, or Youtuber online.

Pj explained Whatsapp number and other contact details

  • Whatsapp number: +91 9976482xxx
  • Phone number: +91 9963920xxx
  • Office number: +91 9974920xxx
  • Address: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Email id:

Here you are given other contact details of pj explained like address, email id, office number, and Whatsapp number.

Pj Explained Net Worth

Pj explained has 1.65 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. All his videos get 500k to 2 million views. Pj uploads minimum 2 videos in a week. His youtube channel is monetized by Google Adsense. Looking at all these stats, we can estimate that the monthly income of pj explained will be 5 lakhs to 20 lakhs.

He has been making videos on YouTube for the past 5 years. There are few views on his starting videos. Pj explained has become popular for the last 2 years. He has 500 to 900 videos on his YouTube channel. If we see all these stats, then we can estimate that pj explained’s net worth will be 2 crore to 20 crore.

We can estimate his income and net worth. Because pj explained would know the perfect statistics. He cannot share his income with the public. Because showing your earnings on youtube is against youtube policy.

Pj Explained Instagram account

Many people also follow him on Instagram. He uploads reel and short videos on Instagram. Here he makes a small clip from his YouTube video and uploads it on Instagram. His videos on Instagram get millions of views. Pj Explained also shares his personal life and thoughts on Instagram. Here he uploads all kinds of context.

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