Positive Instagram Bio: When anyone checks your profile on Instagram, they see two things. First photo and second is our bio. In Bio you can write anything about yourself within 150 words. If you run a business, website, or YouTube channel, you can mention it in your bio.

On Instagram, people write bios according to their choice. If you are looking for bios that will inspire positivity in people, then you have come to the right place. Below we have given the list of positive bio. Which you can copy and use in your Instagram bio.

Having a positive attitude removes all the obstacles from your life. A positive mindset gives us energy. Bad things always happen to us when we are negative. But just by changing the attitude, there is a lot of change in our life.

What is positive Instagram bio?

People can write anything in their bios. People write their birthday, nickname, hobby, Shayari etc in bios. You can write positive things in your bio. By reading which people get courage and power. Those bios which bring positivity within us just by reading them are called positive bios.

150+ Positive Instagram Bio copy past

  • Always learn to be stubborn in life, learn to get what is not written in luck with hard work
  • Belief in yourself is the first secret of success.
  • What a loser can do, a winner never can.
  • If you want to reach higher goals, be deaf to negative talk.
  • If one’s intentions are firm, he can face every difficulty and achieve the goal.
  • Where the lamp has no interest, it only shines.
  • Circumstances make a man wise before his age.
  • Big dreamers don’t take flight from their dreams by asking anyone.
  • A hand on the shoulder in bad times is worth more than applause on success.
  • If even after hard work, the dreams are not fulfilled, then change the path, not the principle, as even a tree changes its leaves, not its roots.
  • Always work hard either you will win or you will find a way to win..
  • It does not matter who is right but what is right is important.
  • He who wants to argue has a party, he who wants to develop, he has his own goal.
  • Everything in this world is valuable, before gaining and after losing!!
  • If there is purity in the mind and ethics in the foundation, then there may be a test in life, but the problem will not come!!
  • It is better to hear the rebuke of a wise man than to hear praise from fools.
  • Everyone is proud of his knowledge but no one is aware of his pride!!
  • Be so busy with your own progress, that you don’t have time to see the weaknesses of others!!

Best positive Instagram captions

  • If you stop worrying about what you don’t have, you will enjoy what you do have.
  • Don’t follow people’s thoughts but make your thoughts so beautiful that people follow your thoughts.
  • We must become strong ourselves before time makes us strong because time waits for no one.
  • A wise person never mourns the past and never worries about the future but moves forward only focusing on the present.
  • Make our goal so big that you don’t have time to waste.
  • The number of suffering people in the world never increases but the endurance of a person decreases.
  • Opportunity is like the rising sun, if you sit long enough to wait for it, the opportunity will be different.
  • We understand that for happiness one has to collect a lot, but in reality, to get happiness, one has to spend a lot.
  • Always remember one thing in life that you keep acquaintances everywhere but trust yourself.
  • Always remember one thing in life that courage is not bought anywhere, you have to do it yourself.
  • To be successful you must have self-confidence, otherwise what trouble can come between you.
  • Those who rely on others may not succeed all the time but those who rely on God always succeed.

How to write positive bio for Instagram

You cannot write more than 150 words in Instagram bio. So we should include everything within 150 words. If you want to show all your feelings through bio then you should know how to write a best bio.

  1. Add positive thought on your bio.
  2. Add some special and catchy words on your bio.
  3. Don’t use any negative or disappointing word.
  4. Always try to make your bio short and sweet.
  5. Add some emoji between the worlds.
  6. Use symbols and special marks in bio.
  7. You can also use line breaks and links.