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pubg Whatsapp group Links: Hello friends, welcome to our website. Here we are providing a working Whatsapp group link. Through which you can join any group.

Today we are going to see pubg Whatsapp group link. Below is the link list of the pubg group. Here you will find something like UC royal pass for free. You can connect with another pubg player here. Free custom room id is shared in the group. You can play games by joining this custom room. The player who wins the game gets the money price. You can also add your family member and friend to this group.

PUBG is a very popular multiplayer shooting game. People also quit their jobs to play this game. If you play this game you will know the craze of this game. In this group, you will find all the updates, patch notes, and news related to pubg. You will find all the information about the pubg tournament here.

This group will be very useful for you if you run a youtube channel. Here you can promote your youtube channel. In this group, you will find tips and tricks to grow your youtube channel. Below you are given the name and link of the group. You can join the group you want to join by clicking on the group link.

Group NameLinks
PUBG winnersJoin Group
PUBG pro manJoin Group
PUBG new clunJoin Group
PUBG all ChallengeJoin Group
PUBG FansJoin Group
PUBG GameJoin Group
PUBG GangJoin Group
PUBG Hell of GamerJoin Group
PUBG MachiJoin Group
PUBG pro’sJoin Group
PUBG NewmanJoin Group
PUBG New groupJoin Group
PUBG Hell of playerJoin Group

PUBG Whatsapp group for promotion

Group Links
PUBG fanJoin Group
Only PUBG loverJoin Group
PUBG champ’sJoin Group
Player PUBGJoin Group
PUBG FanJoin Group
PUBG PlayersJoin Group
Let’s PlayJoin Group
Money with PUBGJoin Group
War Squad MembersJoin Group
Pubg free Royal passJoin Group
PUBG LoversJoin Group
PubGian AReNAJoin Group
Rouge Elite CustomsJoin Group
PUBG MobileJoin Group
Free FireJoin Group
Gamer zoneJoin Group
Fan PUBG CLUBJoin Group
PUBG mobile fanJoin Group
PUBG old manJoin Group
Nilesh GamingJoin Group

PUBG Tournaments WhatsApp Group

Group Links
pubg m TournamentJoin Group
PUBG new TournamentJoin Group
PUBG Tournaments allJoin Group
PUBG tournamentsJoin Group
PUBG TournamentsJoin Group
Pubg Daily CashJoin Group
Pubg tournamentJoin Group
Pubg tournamentJoin Group
Pubg Tournament (tamil)Join Group
Pubg tournamentJoin Group
RS PUBG tournament infoJoin Group
RoyaL GamerS TournamentJoin Group
Pubg tournament moneyJoin Group
Weekend pubg mobile tourneyJoin Group
Nexus pubg tournament datesJoin Group

PUBG WhatsApp group names

  • Gaming Turbo
  • Gaming Throne
  • Gamingporium
  • Gamer Odyssey
  • Gamer Alpha
  • Gamer Level
  • Gaming Sonic
  • Gaming Electric
  • Gamer Condition
  • Gamerlaza
  • Gaming Clash
  • Gamer Outcast
  • Games Throne
  • Games Havoc
  • Games Fruity
  • Gamer Ace
  • Gamerfluent
  • Gamer Squad
  • Gaming Wired
  • Gamer Dudes
  • Gamer Hyper
  • Gamera
  • Gamerorama
  • Gaming Otaku
  • Gamer Dash
  • Gamer Intuition
  • Gamer Artificial
  • Gamer Zone
  • Gaming App
  • Gameraro
  • Gamer Lucky
  • Gamer Core
  • Games Quick
  • Gamergenix
  • Gamer Wings
  • Gaming Total
  • Gaming Iconic
  • Gamer Controller
  • Gamer Mode
  • Gamer Survival

Rules to join PUBG WhatsApp group

  • Respect each other.
  • Do not share any fake and bad news.
  • Do not share adult content.
  • Don’t change Group Description, Group, Group Icon, and Name.
  • Don’t share any personal details and photos.
  • You will not be able to do any kind of promotion here.
  • If you have any problem in the group, just message the admin.
  • Don’t share any religious, 18+, and Harmful content.

After joining the group you have to follow some rules. If you do not follow this rule you will be removed from the group.

How to join pubg WhatsApp Group?

  • Click on the invitation link of the group you want to join.
  • Now your Whatsapp will open, here you will find the option to join and cancel.
  • If the number of group members is more than 257 then click on Cancel.
  • If the number of group members is less than 257 then click on join.
  • By clicking on Join you will join the Whatsapp group.

The process of joining a group is similar in mobile and computer. Follow the steps below to join the group.

People find many group links on the internet. But most of them are link dead. Clicking on the link gives the message “link was reset”. We always share a working link on our website. We update the links daily. We add working links and remove not working links. If you want to get your Whatsapp group listed in this post, share the link in the comment below.

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