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It is the age of mobile apps these days. Just think about it. We often use mobile apps to perform our first task in the morning – waking up (just think how many mobile app-based alarms exist). The second task we perform is finding out whether one of our friends or family members has wanted to catch up with us overnight. We again do these using mobile apps, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, that provide instant messaging services. Then, we proceed to make sure that we know what the weather is like outside. After all, we need to know what we are going to be wearing for the day! For this purpose, we use weather apps like AccuWeather. The next app we may very well end up using daily is Google Maps. Even though we may already know the route to our workplace as we travel there every day, it might still be better for us to use these kinds of apps to get informed about the route with the least traffic. Once done with that, the next thing we need to be worrying about is making sure that our loved ones at home are all right. Instant messaging apps, like the ones we named as examples before, are mainly used to achieve that purpose. Once we come back from work, we may use streaming service apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu and social media apps such as Twitter and Facebook to keep ourselves entertained.

From the above, it is crystal clear to us that mobile apps do tend to play huge roles in our lives. What they can do for us has been proven to be momentous over the years since they first came out. In fact, many smart and brainy people including Tim Cook – the chief executive officer of Apple Inc – have acknowledged that app coding should be a necessary part of a school curriculum as apps have played such a huge role in the advancement of mankind and making lives easier for all of us. However, there are two things that are required to run these online apps. The first thing that is required is the presence of a mobile phone. The second thing is the presence of the internet – the phenomenon that allows your mobile to connect with other devices in the world and enables the exchange of information. In the case that you have a phone that is good enough to run the apps but your internet is not up to the mark, know that your app-using experience is greatly taking a hit. We would recommend switching to a fast and reliable mobile internet service such as Xfinity Mobile.

Now that we have enlisted the importance of apps and what you require to make the most of them, let us delve into some of the most popping apps this year.


Shazam is a music app that tells you what music is playing no matter where you are. For example, you are in a mall and you enter a shop and in that shop, you hear music that really appeals to you. In the case that you are shy, you would not want to ask the people working there, and plus, even if you were not shy, you would not want to inconvenience these busy employees anyway to ask what music is playing. In this case, you may very well use Shazam and within the space of a few seconds, this amazing app will tell you what song is playing. Tell us anything but do not tell us that this is not amazing!


Canva is an app that can be used by people to create wonderful designs. No matter whether you need to create a poster for a school event you are organizing or you are wanting to publish a small brochure to advertise your services, you can use Canva for all of this. This app is really popular not only because you can do so much with it but also because its basic version costs you not even a cent. Most of all, the app is easy to use.

Wrapping Up

For the purposes of this article, we only mentioned two apps above that we thought are the ones that have gained the most amount of positive attention in the least amount of time. Other bloggers have other top picks so feel free to check their blogs out as well to gain an idea about what is worth occupying the memory on your phone.

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