• Main point : if you come here, you will get redeem code foe gun skin and another reward by using our working redeem code.
  • Here you get an outfit code, backpack, and permanent gun skin code for a free fire game 100%



Free fire is one of the most popular battal royale games in India. If you play the free fire game, you will know that the free fire game is currently the No.1 online battle royale game in India. In which you get all the rewards of coriander. Pro players and famous players like Ajjubhai, two side gamer  have very good and legendary items. You need money to buy all these items. But the many people would not have money to buy the thing.


Here we share some used and working parmaparam gun skin redeem code. You can use one or more In one time.


best skin of xm8 in free fire 


Here we are consider all skin redeem code given to you. It is all 100% working but the correct method of how to use it is given below. If you use this code without seeing this method it will not work. It is necessary to state the following information.



RZUQ9G427NKP – for ump


VZ5RQS9X5TAE – for thompson


3RRPZUSAFKV7 – for awm


JA5QYFE8QJL6 – for p90


EL3EQM3T4784 – for short gun


JA4NX5MGNMT6 – for sks


KLH5NSZ7EQFP – for vss

Working FF gun skin redeem code 2021



CJUPGSV6D9V5 – for loncher






4TJCLYN2XC87 – for pistol


NKMVUT635LQK – for kar 98k




UKGEADXUD2W7 – for Xm8




BUBPBH5PMHAE – for famas


5BSLXGHSLN3F – for svd


SZJ7H2Z7KYNE – for groza


HZ2MZC59JCBZ – for aug


best xm8 skin in free fire

How to use Garena Free Fire Redeem Code?


If you want to use this code, you must log in with a Facebook or other social media account. This code will not work if you use your guest account.

  1. Open official free fire redeem website
  2. Login to your free fire I’d
  3. Past you redeem code in 3 blank boxes
  4. Click on confirm


If your redeem code is incorrect, you will see the following message.

If you see this message, re-enter the redeem code them check your code again.


Then you will see successful message. Now if you open your game you will find the skin of your favorite gun.


If you benefit from this trick, comment below that it works. But if you make a mistake, you do not see any result, comment me and I will help you.


Now special gun skin code available for free fire

get Free Fire gun skin Redeem Codes free

For the latest and updated redeem codes you can go to the Game Lobby Wallet tab or visit its official website. Besides, you have to follow Free Fire’s social pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


 Here you will find all kinds of reward codes. All these codes are put by the developer of the free fire game. So that its game player is maintained. It also often gives you special Diwali offers in which everything is available at a very low price.


Does diamond redeem code work or not?

Do you want a diamond in your account? For free? So you follow the steps given below.

All the code given here is working. You need to have a Facebook id to use this code. You will find different quantities of diamonds here. Here you can copy and use the redeem code you like.

With the help of this diamond, you can buy any character, loot crate, elite pass.


Diamond Redeem code for Free Fire 2021

6CRXQ5JPHAEY – for 10 diamond


9R554CLQYVYT – for 20 Diamond


A5NPZPY8DE4Q – for 30 diamond


7DPMYED4DD88 – for 49 diamond


4AUZZ5TEBDH8 – for 99 diamond


YWBDQ7HZNRLZ – for 149 diamond


9FBEXCK56SD7 – for 180 diamond


JJJRJDY8DVZN – for 199 diamond


H35MC39NJP94 – for 249 diamond


8ZQ8PJXCFHHJ – for 299 diamond




Some questions by free-fire players


Does really this code work?

Yes, it’s work 100%.


All this reward code was provided by Garena free fire to engage their player. You can buy any paid item for free using this code. If you need the latest code, we’ve provided a complete list above. You can choose any one of them.



what is today ff redeem code?

Today’s special code in free fire is AJRKX276YXJ

Use it right now.


which is the best mp40 skin?

Slaughter is the best mp 40 skin.


It’s increases accuracy and double damage. Skin them based on red blood and skeleton.


Which is the best xm8 skin?

Lively Beast is the best xm8 skin.


It increases the double rate of fire and magazine

Skin them based on light color like yellow, purple, and cyan



This all codes are latest. But don’t panic if you read this post late. We update this post regularly so you don’t have to worry.

Here you see Permanent gun skin Redeem code for Garena free fire. Also, know how to use it. Moreover, we saw why Free Fire gives its users a reward code. The comment box below is open if you have any confusion.

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