Rich Biography

Rich aka pubg rich is famous pubg content creator. He makes videos on pubg and other online games. He has 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He started his YouTube career in 2017. Then he used to make videos of normal games. He has made videos on many popular games.

Previously, the views on his video were less. Then when he started making videos of pubg mobile, his views also started increasing. He has worked hard to make his YouTube channel successful. He has stayed up late at night making videos. When people ask him about his success, he gives all the credit to his hard work and dedication.

Rich YouTube Channel

The name of his youtube channel is pubg rich. This channel has 1 million subscribers. He also does a live stream of pubg on youtube. He has not shown his face in his video yet. People are waiting for his face reveal video. Many people send personal messages to rich asking when you will reveal your face.

He also has many followers on Instagram. He shares short clips of his pubg videos on Instagram. If you want to talk to Rich you can DM him on Instagram. If it is free, it will require you to reply.

Rich pubg ID Number

His pubg id number is 535528618. Its pubg name is Rich Gaming. He likes it more than running a sniper. In PUBG, players have expertise in handling different guns. Rich has more expertise in shooting sniper gun. If you want to play a match with him, you can send him a request.

Rich Facts

  • Rich loves to play pubg mobile. So it is also pubg games off camera.
  • He had 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel in 3 years.
  • He has a high tech gaming pc.
  • Rich is very fond of gaming. Apart from pubg he also plays free fire and cod.
  • He has a racing bike.