All Shin Chan Friends Names List


shin chan friends names: shin chan tv show was very popular in India and all over the world. The show was mainly made for young children, but the shin chan cartoon was loved by young children as well as teenagers. Shin chan had 5 main friends in this show. Who used to go to school and have fun with him. In this show, shin chan makes fun of everyone. People like this show very much. So here you are given the list of shin chan friends names. It includes the names of all Shin Chan’s friends. Along with that, the name of shin chan’s father, mother, sister and pet has also been told here. So that you remember the names of all the characters in this show.

shin chan had a total of five friends. who is his school friend? Their names are given below. shin chan likes to play with all his friends. But his favorite friend is Kazama. Because he likes to play pranks with kazama. Masao and Bo are his best friends. Nene and Ai are her classmate friends.

Shin Chan Friends Names List

  • Kazama Toru
  • Nene Sakurada
  • Masao Sato
  • Bo Suzuki
  • Ai Suotome

Shin-chan Friends Name With Photo

Kazama Toru

Nene Sakurada

Masao Sato

Bo Suzuki

Ai Suotome

Shinchan Other Name

His full name in the shinchan show is Shin-chan Nohara. But his family member, friend, and teacher call him shinchan. Although he does not have any other nickname, people know him by different names. All people name it in their own way.

Shinchan Other Name : Shin-chan Nohara

Shinchan Father Name

Shinchan’s father’s name is Hiroshi Nohara. His father works in a company. Shinchan has a lot of fun with his father. Because his father brings him games, takes him to his favorite places and rescues him when his mother gets irritated.

Shinchan Father Name : Hiroshi Nohara

Shinchan Mother name

Shinchan’s mother’s name is Misae Nohara. His mother is a housewife. She does her housework and takes care of Shinchan. She prepares Shinchan every day and makes breakfast for school. Her daily routine is same. Every day she cooks for her husband, Shinchan, daughter and does housework. Shinchan’s mother annoys him a lot. Because Shinchan is disturbing her by doing new pranks every day.

Shinchan Mother name : Misae Nohara

Shinchan sister name

Shinchan’s younger sister’s name is Himawari Nohara. His sister is 3 to 4 years younger than Shinchan. Shinchan’s mother always takes care of Himawari Nohara. Because Shinchan annoys her sister a lot.

Shinchan sister name : Himawari Nohara

Shinchan pet name

In the Shinchan tv show, Shinchan has the most fun with his pet. His pet name is Shiro Nohara. Shinchan calls his pet only Shiro. Shiro is a doggy. He always stays with Shinchan. Often sleeps with Shinchan and Shiro. There is a lot of love between the two. When Shinchan is at home he plays with Shiro.

Shinchan pet name : Shiro Nohara

If you are a fan of Shinchan then you must have enjoyed knowing about shin chan friends names. If you liked this post, share it with other Shinchan fans. So that he can also know the names of all the characters of Shinchan Tv show.

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