SimCity BuildIt is a very good game. In this game, you can build your city. SimCity has space limited. So you have to use space wisely. If the layout of SimCity BuildIt is good then you will be able to play the game well and progress quickly.

Below are the best SimCity Build layout blueprints. Which allows you to manage more items in less space. You can increase your income by applying the SimCity Build layout given here in your own game.

50+ SimCity BuildIt Best Layouts For Beginners

SimCity BuildIt is a bit hard for beginners. Because the new player does not have much information about the game. He plays the game on his own and in a short time the space becomes full. So that beginners cannot make an income. Players cannot go to the next level due to low income and cannot unlock the best building.

In SimCity BuildIt you often re-design your city. Because new things are added in real life and the game. You unlock a new building and reach a new level. So that new items keep coming. So after some time you have to the city
have to re-design. There are a few things to keep in mind when designing a city. So you use 100% space and proper build.

If you are a beginner it will take you a long time to unlock the highest service buildings. You can use the layouts and strategy provided here. So you can get more growth in less time.

Beginner Layout Small Service Stations

If you are a beginner you can design your SimCity according to the image below. Here fire department, police station, and hospital are arranged in their proper place. These 4 items take up more space and are needed. If you build a city around it, your income and level will increase quickly.

You have to build your city as shown above. The center has a medical and police station. On the left are two small fire stations covering the surrounding 16 residences.

There are 2 parks in this layout. So that it is easy to interact with other cities. Because of this, the population in your city is growing rapidly. In the layout given here, you have everything and the building properly arranged.

Other Beginner Layout for SimCity BuildIt

The layout given to you above works well. If you add more parks to it, the population of your city will start growing faster. This map contains more items in a small space. If there is something wrong with your layout, check out the other SimCity BuildIt layouts below. Here you will find the city designed differently.

Here you will find a department, a small police station, and small clinic, and a 1 × 1 tile park connected to seven residential buildings. This layout helps boost the population. You can edit this map at your convenience. When making changes make sure that as little space as possible is used.

Best Layout for SimCity BuildIt

Now we are going to look at some layouts that will boost the population in your city. The population will increase in your city so your income will also increase. If your income is higher then you will be able to unlock the best building. The population will also increase due to Best Building. This will keep the loop running and your level will start rising faster.

You can use the following layout when you have the full map unlocked. A proper layout idea is given in this map. SimCity BuildIt has a pro player above this layout. Below is an image of the best SimCity BuildIt layout. Even looking at this image will give you an idea that you will somehow keep the layout of your city.

You need to place space on the bottom side of the map. Above you can place build 4 × 4 and 4 × 5 squares next to each other. So that more residents can fit in less space.

You have to keep medium service buildings in pairs of 2. Then you have to put 4 residential buildings in every compartment. You can place 1 × 2 recreation structures in the space below the map. Such a layout is shown to you in the image above. With a good layout, your game level and income will increase rapidly.

SimCity BuildIt Layout for 10+ Million Population

You can use the following layout when your level in SimCity BuildIt is very high. There are 10+ Million populations here. For that, you have to unlock the full map. You have to redesign the city after unlocking the full map. Because 10+ Million Population requires a proper layout. If your SimCity BuildIt layout is the best then your earnings will also double.

The layout given here was placed on reddit. If you want more information you can visit the reddit page.


To be successful in the SimCity BuildIt game, you need to be an expert in layout. Here are some layouts for beginners. It can be used to increase beginner level and increase the population.

The map will be unlocked as you progress through the game. You have to give the game time to unlock the full map. After unlocking the full map, the population in your city will not be less than 10 million. That’s why we have here the best SimCity BuildIt and 10 million+ layout.

If you want to use the layout given in this post, please comment below. Let us know in the comments how you have benefited from the layout given here. Share the post with your friends and other SimCity BuildIt players.