River Ganga is the most sacred river of India. Rivers are worshiped in Tidal culture. India is a country where river is called mother. The greatness of the river has been shown in our Vedas and Puranas. There are many sacred rivers in our country. But among all these rivers, Ganga river is the highest.

People come from far and wide to bathe in the river Ganges. People believe that even if you have committed so many sins in your life, if you bathe in Ganga once, all your sins are washed away.

There is a story behind bringing the river Ganga to earth. In which it is known that there was no river Ganga on earth before. The location of river Ganges was at the head of Bholanath. A sage named Bhagirathi did a lot of penance and sadhana to bring this river Ganga to earth. Because of sage Bhagirathi, river Ganga came to Purthavi.

slogan on ganga river in English

  • Save the Ganga is saving the life
  • Until it’s late, save the Ganga.
  • love the રિવર Ganga, clean the river
  • Ganga is dying , clean it.
  • Conserve the river ganga, it will conserve you.
  • Save the water , save your future.
  • Stop the pollution, save the water.
  • A good mission is cleaning the ganga.
  • Never throw garbage in ganga.
  • Ganga is a gift for us.
  • Saves the ganga from pollution.

slogan on ganga river in hindi

  • जल जीवन का प्रतीक है, इसे बचाइए।
  • पानी नहीं तो जीवन नहीं।
  • रुको और नदी को साफ करो।
  • क्षमा करें, लेकिन पानी का कोई विकल्प नहीं है
  • जीवन लक्ष्य, पानी बचाना।
  • पानी अनमोल है।
  • नीला बचाओ। हरा हरा
  • जल बचाओ, जीवन बचाओ।
  • पानी बचाओ। एक लाख जीवन बचाओ।
  • जल के बिना जीवन नहीं

slogan on ganga river in ગુજરાતી

  • પાણી બચાવો. આખી દુનિયા તમારા પર નિર્ભર છે.
  • પાણીનું એક ટીપું એ તરસ્યા માણસને જોઈએ છે.
  • તમે જેટલું વધારે પાણીનો બગાડ કરશો, પૃથ્વી પર તમારું જીવન એટલું ઓછું થશે.
  • પાણી જરૂરી છે. તેનો ખજાનો.
  • આજે પાણી બચાવો, તમારી આવતી કાલ સુરક્ષિત કરો.
  • આપણા જળાશયોને બચાવો. આપણા ગ્રહને બચાવો.
  • પાણી બચાવો, બહુ મોડું થાય તે પહેલાં.
  • પાણી બચાવો. ભવિષ્ય તમારા હાથમાં છે
  • પાણી બચાવો. તેને આદત બનાવો.
  • જ્યારે બધું સમાપ્ત થઈ જાય ત્યારે તમે તમારા હાથ ધોઈ શકતા નથી. પાણી બચાવો

quotes on ganga river

  • Pollute Ganga it’s mean pollute life.
  • Never waste even a drop of water, save water, save Ganga.
  • More Pollution, No Ganga, No Ganga no life.
  • Hold your grip and stop that pollution.
  • Ganga is Polluted, start saving.
  • Save Ganga and Ganga will save you.
  • Stop the drip. Every drop counts.
  • Ganga is Life.
  • You depend on Ganga. Ganga depends on you.

How to save Ganga

River Ganga is very large. There are many developed cities around this river. Garbage and bad chemicals from this city are discharged into the river Ganges. There are many factories that discharge their chemicals directly into the river Ganga. Due to many such reasons this river has become very polluted today. Earlier this river was clean and pollution free. As technology and population grew, so did the pollution in this river.

The Save Ganga project is also being run by the government to save the river Ganga. A lot of funding has been collected for the Ganga river under this project. Many people have also donated to clean the river Ganga. The government has also given a lot of money to save Ganga project.

We should also do our duty as a conscious citizen. We should not throw garbage across the river. The release of toxic chemicals into the river should be stopped. Trees should be planted around the river. If we take care of all these things then we can save the river Ganga.