Smuk Op pubg ID Number, Device, Age, And Biography


Smuk Op Biography

Smuk Op was born on 21 January 1999. He wanted to be a gamer since childhood. He completed his primary education in his village. Smuk Op was very fun when pubg game was launched. His desire was to become a youtuber and a gamer. But he wanted a game that everyone can play.

Pubg game craze was increasing all over the world. The number of people watching PUBG gameplay and live stream was also increasing. So he decided that he should make videos of pubg. So he started making pubg face cam videos.

Smuk Op YouTube Channel

Initially he made normal gameplay videos. In this video he was only recording the gameplay and uploading it. Then as the views on his video started increasing, he also increased the quality of the video. He also added face cam and voice along with the gameplay. So people started to like watching videos of Smuk Op more.

He is very active on YouTube. He currently makes interesting videos like 1v4 and 1v8. It makes the challenge video more. In his video he is normally 10 to 15 kill courage. His shooting and gaming skills are very good.

Smuk Op pubg ID Number

Smuk Op’s pubg id is 534009618 and id name is ๛Smuk Op๛. He plays games in his phone. Many people think that they play pubg mobile in pc. He is very good pubg player and youtuber.

Smuk Op Facts

  • It is a 4 finger player.
  • He has an iphone. He makes all his videos in this iphone.
  • He also has a pc. In PC it does video editing.
  • Smuk Op loves animals. So he has adopted a dog.
  • Smuk Op uploads 1 or 2 videos a week.
  • On his Instagram, he shares short clips of YouTube videos.
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