Are you having problems with Hotstar? Get rid of the “hotstar reloading problem” by following these simple steps.

Hotstar is a streaming application where you can watch movies, ipl, matches, news, tv shows, etc. Many people around the world use this app. To use Hotstar you have to pay a monthly charge something like Here you can watch live news and latest movie.

You get 1000,000 hours of TV shows and movies here. In addition, you can watch the live Vivo ipl and T20 world cup. This app has 500M + downloads.

In this post, we will solve the problem related to Hotstar. While using the Hotstar app, people have to face the problem like Err_pb_1412 error in Hotstar, Dp 1003 error Hotstar and Hotstar not working today.

Fix Hotstar loading problem

Sometimes this problem occurs due to storage being full or using the old version. To solve this problem, follow the steps below.

solution of hotstar loading problem

  • Open setting.
  • Find application management option.
  • Find the Hotstar app.
  • Click on app info.
  • Clear Hotstar data and cache.
  • Now Restart your device
  • err_pb_1412 error in hotstar jio tv solved

This problem will not be seen after restarting your device.

This problem is also seen because the storage is full. You delete the unnecessary thing from your phone and refresh the Hotstar. If you follow all the steps given here, you will not see these issues again.

Below we will see another problem with Hotstar. In which we will give a solution of live tv not working, 1412 error and 1003 error.

Hotstar not showing live TV

In this application, you get the option to watch a live tv show. In which you can watch any tv show. You can use Hotstar by logging in to tv. So you don’t need to use a set top box.

Below are the common issues of not doing live TV work.

  • delay server response
  • Using old version
  • Slow internet connection

To solve this problem, first, open the setting. Go to Settings> app settings> hotstar> Clean the app data and Cache. You will then have to restart your smartphone before opening your Hotstar app.

Error_pb_1412 error in Hotstar

When you open the app you see different things in it. In it, you see movies, cricket, tv show. When you open the app you can see anything. Sometimes when we open the star channel. then we had seen Err_pb_1412 error video not playing message.

You will have to re-check your internet connection to play the video again. Check your wifi connection if you are using wifi. Sometimes using VPN also causes this problem. For that, if you are using a VPN, turn it off.

Dp 1003 error in Hotstar

Dp 1003 error problem is due to incorrect date and time. This problem is seen if your device has a different time set and Hotstar has a different time.

To eliminate this problem, simply open your setting. Find the option of date and time in it. Do the smae time and date in your divice as hotstar.

If you follow all the above steps and guides, you will not see any problem related to Hotstar. If you have any other questions, please comment. Our team will reply to you in 15 minutes. If you like this post, please share it with your friends.

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