Sooneeta Free Fire ID, Stats, K/D Ratio, YouTube Channel, And More For December 2022


Sooneeta is Famous Free Fire Player in Nepal. She is a full-time YouTuber with 4 million subscribers. In this article, we are going to discuss about Sooneeta Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio, and more for December 2022.

Sooneeta is a very popular free fire player and YouTuber. It uploads free fire gameplay videos on youtube. Many people follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and youtube. Here you will find Sooneeta Free Fire ID, stats, K / D ratio, YouTube channel, monthly income, and other information.

Garena Free Fire game is played all over the country. It has a very large community of content creators. Sooneeta is one of them. Sooneeta is a famous female content creator from Nepal. She has over 4.33 million subscribers on the youtube channel. She has uploaded a total of 743 videos and got 3 billion views on them. He is also the leader of the famous esports team “Team Lava“.

Sooneeta Free Fire ID and Stats

Sooneeta Free Fire ID is “131311296”.

Sooneeta has played a total of 22424 squad matches out of which 5197 matches have been won. She has killed 52978 in this match so sooneeta’s K / D ratio is 3.13.
She has played 1916 duo matches, winning 362 of them. In this match, she has killed 3496 enemies so her K / D ratio is 2.15.
Sooneeta has played 900 solo games out of which 65 games have named her. She has a total of 1414 kills in this match so her K / D ratio of 1.70 is Menton.

Ranked Stats

Sooneeta has booyah in 172 out of 344 squad matches. She has 1500 frags and her K / D ratio is 8.82. She has pushed a lot of rank this season.
In Duo mode, she has won 1 out of 8 matches. She has 33 kills in this match so that her K / D is 4.71. Sooneeta doesn’t like to play duo matches because he is a content creator.
She has played only one solo match this season. In which there are 12 kills with K / D ratio of 11.9.

Sooneeta YouTube Channel and Monthly Income

Sooneeta launched its youtube channel in 2018. The channel is called sooneeta which has 4.33 million subscribers. She used to make videos of game tips and tricks, now she makes free fire gameplay videos. She also does live streams on Youtube. There are over 700 videos on this channel, some of which went viral.

Sooneeta’s monthly income is $ 2.6K – $ 38.6K. Accordingly, her annual income is $ 29.9K – 422.1K. She earns money through Adsense and brand promotion. He also earns money through product promotions on Facebook and Instagram.

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