Star Captain Pubg Control Code + Sensitivity code


Star Captain is a famous gamer and pubg player. He started his career in 2017. He played the first coc game. In this game he would upgrade the town hall, build his own buildings and attack other kingdoms. He has uploaded many such videos of coc on his YouTube channel. If you want to watch it, you can go to youtube.

He was not getting special views in Coc’s video, so he started making pubg videos. In this video he was showing people by making chicken dinner. Very good views were coming on this video.

Star Captain control code for pubg

Due to getting good views in pubg videos, he started making pubg videos. He upgraded his controls. You can control the same as star caption with below code.

Control code – 7033-7633-7833-8833-690

Star Captain sensitivity code for pubg

He increased his video quality. His video did not have a different concept. But people liked to watch his videos because of his commentary. Its sensitivity code is given below. By using this code you can set the sensitivity of your pubg game.

Sensitivity code – 7033-7633-7833-8833-633

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