Star Captain Pubg Logo, Pubg id, Profile Picture


Star Captain is a famous pubg player from Iraq. He makes pubg and other games related videos on youtube. Star Captain’s videos contain pubg gameplay and commentary. People love his commentary. He also streams pubg on youtube. In which 1k to 10k live watching comes. During the live stream, many people are also doing super chat.

He started his YouTube career in 2018. He is a full time content creator and gamer. He is passionate about games. He is very fond of playing different games. He shares pubg tips and tricks in his videos.

His videos are very energetic. Pubg content creators focus on editing to make their videos engaging. But star captain pays more attention to gameplay than editing in his videos. Because he believes that if the content is good, there is no need for editing.

star captain pubg logo Image Download

Star captain pubg logo is given here. Which you can download by long press. If you want to use this logo for your profile then you can. Its logo has a pirate captain’s skull.

Star captain pubg wallpaper

If you are a fan of Star captain then you will love his wallpaper. You can use this wallpaper in your phone. Normally there is no special wallpaper available for it. But its thumbnail is given here. Which you can use as wallpaper.

STAR Captain pubg profile pic

If you want to see the profile picture of STAR Captain, you will find it here. Through it you can know all its details.

Long press on the image to download this pic. By long press you will get no download option.

Star Captain pubg id

If you want to play TDM with STAR Captain, you can send him a friend request. For that you can send a request to Pubg id 518562727 of STAR Captain. This 518562727 is his pubg id.

It is considered the king of TDM. Even in his videos he plays more TDM matches. If you want to play with him, you can create a room and invite him. He plays matches with his friends and followers.

I hope you got all the information about Star Captain. If you want to get more information about it, you can search on YouTube. He uploads regular videos on YouTube.

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