Surendranagar Bus stand Contact Number, Phone Number, Enquiry Number, and Time Table


Surendranagar Bus stand Contact number, Phone Number, Enquiry Number, and Contact Details. Surendranagar bus stand is a very big and well equipped bus stand. It is included in the top bus stands of Gujarat. Many people are searching for the contact information of the Surendranagar Bus Stand.

Surendranagar Bus Stand Contact Number

  • Surendranagar Bus Station Enquiry Number: 0275-2221152
  • Surendranagar Bus Stand Phone Number: 0275-2221152
  • Bus Time Table and Schedule: Please call on above numbers
  • Surendranagar ST Depot Manager Contact Number: 02752-220745

Surendranagar Bus Enquiry Numbers List

  • Surendranagar Bus Station Enquiry Number: 0281-2235025
  • Surendranagar ST Depot Inquiry Number: As Above
  • Surendranagar Bus Stand Phone Number: 0281-2235026
  • Bus Stand Time Table and Schedule: As Above
  • Surendranagar Bus Depot Contact Number: As Above
  • Bus Depot Manager Contact Number: 0281-2388863

Surendranagar Bus stand phone number

  • 1800 233 666 666 (8:00 am – 8:00 pm, Mon-Sun)
  • 079-2283 5000 (For Bus, Ticket Refund Enquiry)
  • 079-2281 0242 (E-Ticket Refund Complaint)
  • 63640 76668 (Conductor Mitra)

Surendranagar Bus Stand phone number and address

Surendranagar is a very big city. People come here to roam and live. People also come here to hang out with their families. There are many places worth visiting in and around Surendranagar city. You too can come here with your family.

Summair Club Road, Surendranagar, Gujarat 

You will also find many movie theaters in Surendranagar city. If you are free you can also go here to watch a movie. Water park, zoo, museum, etc. are located here. People come here to enjoy their vacation.

Surendranagar is a very peaceful place. PM Modi of India has also come here. Many Bollywood movie heroes also come here for sightseeing. So the value of this place is too high. Surendranagar is one of the developed cities of Gujarat. Here you will find all the facilities to stay and dine.

Surendranagar Bus Stand parking charge

Normally if you park your vehicle on the road, the traffic police will penalize your vehicle. If your vehicle is parked in front of a hospital or shop, you have to pay a penalty of Rs.1000 to Rs.2000.

Surendranagar has a very large bus stand. Here you will find parking facilities for all vehicles. There are separate parking facilities for bikes and cars. Car and bike parking charges are different. Bike charges are 30 to 50 rupees. The car parking charge is 50 to 100 rupees.

  • Bike – 30 to 50 rupees
  • Car – 50 to 100 rupees
  • Other vehicle – according to size and weight.

Car parking charges are higher than bikes. You can park your vehicle for a certain time limit. If you want to park the vehicle for the whole day, you have to pay an extra charge.

Surendranagar Bus Stand Contact Number and wifi password

Free wifi facility has been provided by the Gujarat government at all bus stands. You can use the bus stand in wifi free. Here you can use unlimited data. Wifi also comes with very good internet speed. You can download movies, games, and documents using wifi. With the help of this data, you can watch youtube videos, Instagram reels, and Facebook videos online.

  • Wifi name: gsrtc Surendranagar
  • Password: 12307@Surendranagar

Wifi is available at all bus stands. This wifi has a password. If you enter this password, you will be automatically connected to wifi. The password is for wifi security. So that no other people can use wifi.

Wifi has some range limits. You cannot use wifi outside the bus stand. The wifi connection decreases as you move away from the bus stand. If your wifi connection is low then the speed will be low.

How to Book Bus Tickets from Surendranagar

You can book bus tickets online and offline. You have to use the website to book tickets online. You must visit the bus stand to book offline tickets.

To book Advance Tickets you have to go to the bus stand in Surendranagar. Here you will find the ticket window. You can book tickets in advance at the ticket window.

You will need money to book offline tickets. You have to select the place you want to go to first. The Basel staff at the ticket counter will then tell you his fees. You will have to deposit the same amount at the ticket counter. You will then receive a ticket. Now you have to use this ticket when you have to travel.

Surendranagar Bus Stand online booking

You can use websites like redbus, Paytm, and MakeMyTrip to book tickets online. Here you have to enter your basic information. Here you have to enter your name, mobile number, and Aadhaar card number. Then you have to select a place to travel and make an online payment. With online payment, your ticket will be booked and you will get a digital ticket. You have to show this ticket or booking number when you travel by bus.

  • An open website like Paytm, redbus, or MakeMyTrip
  • Enter your basic details like name, number, and Aadhaar card details.
  • Select the place you want to go.
  • Now you see different buses. You can select a bus and seat according to your time.
  • Make payment after selecting the bus.
  • Now your online ticket will be booked.
  • Surendranagar Bus Stand Time Table
  • People from different cities and villages come to the bus stand. All those people have to go to different places. A timetable is provided by the bus stand so that people do not get confused in finding their bus.

Surendranagar Bus stand timetable and phone number

Above you are given a link. With the help of this, you can see the timing of the Surendranagar bus. Here you can check out all the buses from Surendranagar to your destination.

Here you will find all bus names, road names, and bus timings. You can also find out where your bus has reached through this website. You can save your time with Bus time table. You can go to the bus stand when your bus arrives. So that saves both your time and energy.

Best Hotels Near Surendranagar Bus Stand

There are many hotels in Surendranagar. In this hotel, you can stay with your friends, family members, and partner. There are many hotels located near the Surendranagar bus stand. If you want to stay in the hotel night or day, you can visit the hotel.

  • Hotel Surendranagar city
  • Surendranagar city light
  • Surendranagar stay with us hotel
  • Supreme Surendranagar hotel
  • Naydu hotel Surendranagar

Here you will find all the facilities. Here you will find breakfast in the morning, breakfast in the afternoon, and dinner in the evening. You can stay here in a room alone or by sharing a room. In Malse you will find good bathing and dining facilities.

Best Restaurant Near Surendranagar Bus Stand

There are many good hotels and restaurants in Surendranagar city where you can dine. In this restaurant, you will find delicious food.

  • Surendranagar cz Restaurant
  • Restaurant Raj
  • Muriya Restaurant Surendranagar
  • Taj of Surendranagar
  • Supriya Restaurant Surendranagar
  • Here you will find all kinds of dishes. Here you will find fast food, Gujarati food, Punjabi food, and Chinese food. You can order any food of your choice. You will also get a discount if you go here for dinner with your friend and family member.

There are many famous restaurants located in Surendranagar. Where many celebrities are located. Surendranagar is a big city so the number of restaurants here is also high.

Surendranagar travel packages buy

If you want to buy travel packages, you can compare prices with different agencies. You will see a lot of differences in travel packages’ prices and service. From which you can select the scheme of your choice. You can visit websites like, jirawala tours, tripAdvicer, and MakeMyTrip. Here you will find different offers and packages at discounts.

If you are traveling with any person, book a Surendranagar Bus ticket soon. Ticket prices are rising and falling here. You can book tickets using websites like MakeMyTrip and Paytm. Here you will get cashback and a discount by booking tickets online.

Attractive places near Surendranagar Bus Stand

Surendranagar is a very good place. Here you will find many places to visit. If you come here with your friends and family members, you will find the best place to visit in Gujarat. This place is visited by many people. So in the vicinity of such a place, you will find hotels and restaurants comfortably.

  • Surendranagar zoo
  • Surendranagar park
  • Surendranagar great road
  • Surendranagar water park
  • Surendranagar Garden

Here we have shared Surendranagar Bus stand Contact Address, Phone Number, Inquiry Number, and Contact Details. If you have any questions about Surendranagar Bus Stand you can ask in the comments. Here you can find information about the nearest bus stand and hotel. If you liked this information, please share this article with your friends and family members.


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