Techno Gamerz Free Fire ID, UID, K/D ratio, stats And other details


Free fire is a battle royal game. This game is played by people forming a team. This game is currently trending. Free fire game has big tournaments. In which the winner gets a lot of money price. Due to its many features, people love to watch videos of this game. So there are many content creators on youtube who make videos on free fire.

Techno Gamerz free fire id is 786974995. His real name is Ujjwal Chaurasia. In this post, you will see his lifetime and ranked game stats. he has over 21 million subscribers on his youtube channel. he is a good free fire player. he uploads free fire gameplay video on his youtube channel

Techno Gamerz’s Free Fire ID And UID(User Id Number)

Techno Gamerz’s Free Fire details

Techno Gamerz’s real name is Ujjwal Chaurasia. His Free Fire ID is 786974995, and his in-game name (IGN) is TechnoGamerZ.

Techno Gamerz’s stats

Ujjwal’s all-time stats

Lifetime stats

Techno Gamerz has played a total of 232 squad matches out of which 12 matches have been won. In all these matches he has killed 405 so that his K/D ratio is 1.84.

Let’s talk about duo mode, he has played 426 duo matches, out of which he has won 36 matches. In the Duo match, his K/D is 1.89 and he has collected 436 frags.

In the solo match, he has played 304 solo games and 36 Booyahs. In this match, he has eliminated 468 players. So his K/D ratio is 1.75.

Classic stats

his Classic stats

He has played 4 games in the current ranked season and won 0 games. So his winning ratio is 0.00%. In these games, he has 4 kills so his K/D is 1.

He has played 3 solo mode matches. In solo mode, he has won 1 match and killed 13 enemies. His Rank duo K/D ratio is 4.5.

Clash Squad stats

Techno Gamerz’s Clash Squad stats

In Clash squad mode techno gamerz has played 32 matches and won 4. his K/D is 1.83 and his winning ratio is 12.50%.

His YouTube channel

Ujjwal’s youtube channel name is Techno Gamerz. This youtube channel was started 3 years ago. This channel has over 21 million subscribers. He has uploaded a total of 738 videos on this channel. His channel has 519 million lifetime views.

his other youtube channel name is ujjwal. The channel has 6.85 million subscribers and 361 videos. The lifetime views of this channel are 63 million.

Check His youtube channel.

His social media accounts

Techno Gamerz is more active on Facebook and Instagram. He comes live on Facebook and talks to his fans. Below is the link to his social media accounts.




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