Hello friends, in India and other countries thoptv is used to watch live ipl matches and watch movies. This app is not available on the play store. So there are various bugs and problems in this app. Such as thoptv casting, not working on wifi, internet error reloads, source down problem, connection error, I will give the correct solution of buffering.

There are many reasons for thoptv not working. which is the right reason behind this problem? Do you want to know. Let’s check it out.

Inside this application, you can watch free ipl match, tv shows, movie, etc. You can watch any ipl match in Hindi. For that, you don’t need to take a Hotstar membership. Here you will find everything. If you do, you will have to pay Rs 300 per month.

Here you will find all the movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood. Also here you will find reality shows like big boss, dance divine, dance plus. Show free of cost. You don’t need to use Netflix for all these web series. Netflix also charges its users monthly. You can get all these things for free here.

Fix thoptv cast not working problem now

If you are a new user and want a thoptv live ipl guide, read the post here carefully. Below I have solved the A to Z problem related to the topic.

thoptv casting problem

thoptv casting problem

By casting you can watch any video on your big screen. If you are unable to play video from phone to tv then it is called a casting problem.

If you see a problem with videocast in the app, follow the steps below.

  • Open the virtual exposed app
  • Gave all permission
  • Select thoptv
  • Now click on Rebuild
  • Uninstall old thoptv and install a new one
  • Use caster apk

If you follow all the steps given above, such a problem will not be seen again.

Thop TV Caster app

There is good news for you if you use tv or firestick. You can watch any video, movie, sports video on your tv through caster apk. You can watch whatever you do on your phone live on tv.

The list of best tv caster app for this is as follows.

  • Xcaster
  • Screen mirror
  • TVF play
  • Video and tv cast
  • Screencast mirroring
  • Screen stream mirroring
  • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • O-Matic

thoptv not working on wifi

thoptv not working on wifi

Sometimes this message is seen on thop tv “unable to connect server, please check your internet“. This means that there is something wrong with your wifi. This application is not running through your wifi. This problem is seen by most pc users. In which no app works on your wifi.

  • Open your wifi provider device
  • Click on Hotspot
  • Go on setting
  • Click on Restrict device
  • Remove your other device on a black list

Doing this will allow the internet to come to your wifi device and any application will open. Sometimes your device will be blacklisted. So you can connect to wifi but the internet cannot be excessive.

thoptv internet error reload

thoptv internet error reload

If the internet connection in your phone is bad then there is a problem of internet error. Here the page is auto reloaded automatically. So any video you watch is stopped.

To solve this problem, you have to take the sim of a fast internet provider. You have to ask other friends how fast they come. Go to your area and take the sim of the company whose speed is higher.

There is another solution to this. Turn off the sim by going to settings in your phone and then start airplane mode. Now restart the phone. When the phone is restarted then turn off the airplane mode and start the sim.

Thoptv source down problem

When more than one user goes to one server at a time, the server crashes. So you get the message of the source down.

There is nothing you can do in this situation. After some time you have to start the application again. When the number of users on the server decreases then the problem of source down will be solved and you will be able to watch any video.

Thoptv no source available problem

Thoptv no source available problem

This problem is similar to the source down the problem. This problem is seen when more users come on one server.

Not only this application but any other application or website will crash if more people come at the same time. The users of this app are all over India so the number of users increases. This is a small company. So it can’t buy a big server. Compare to Amazon, Flipkart, youtube has more users than this. However, it does not crash. Because they use very expensive servers.

If you open the app after a while, the automatic Thoptv no source avalable problem will be solved.

thoptv connection error pc

Connection error problem is found in both android and pc. As mentioned above, if your net is slow then this problem will remain.

In PC you use internet through wifi. If there is something wrong with wifi dongle then this problem is seen.

Connect with a good internet provider to solve the connection error in pc. All people have different internet connection according to the area. In some places, jio is working well, and in some places idea. You have to take an internet connection to your area.

Thoptv keeps stopping the problem

Thoptv keeps stopping the problem

Inside this app, you will see a lot of problems. The main problem is Thoptv keeps stopping. That is, the tv shuts down frequently. If your phone is not compatible with the app, this problem will come up.

Now when Thoptv keeps stopping you have to reboot or restart the phone.

Here you can find different channels. From which you can select your favorite channel and create a playlist. Here the channel will be categorized, such as news channel, sports channel, cartoon channel, entertainment channel, etc.

If you don’t know Hindi, you can also change your language. You will find 15+ local languages ​​here.

Unlike Jio tv or Airtel tv, the reminder option is not available here. So you miss the show. If you have set reminder on jio tv, you will get a notification at that time.

You can play any video with a video player in Chrome cast. You can increase or decrease the video quality. For this, you can find the option below. With the help of which you can watch the video in low quality, medium quelity, and high quality.

This application has been downloaded by millions of people. There are old versions and new versions of this application. The new version works well. In the old version, you will see the problem and lag. If you are using the old version, update to the new version soon. The size of the new version is 22MB.

If you download the new version then the problem like thoptv keep stoping, connection error, buffering, download source will be solved automatically. Most of the problem is found in the old version. If you have any questions you can ask in the comment below. I will reply to you personally.


Why is Thoptv not working?

There are many reasons why Thoptv does not work. For example no source avalable, source not avalble, keep stoping, internet error etc. If you want to solve all the problems at once you can download the latest version of this

How do I fix Thoptv error?

First you have to find out what the exact problem is. Once you have identified the problem, read the post above. Here you will find the solution to each problem.

Is Thoptv harmful?

There is no danger to the normal mobile user. This is harmful for a big movie company and producer. Because all the content here is available for free. So no one invests money in a movie or web series.

What is the best thoptv alternative?

RedBox TV
GoMax Live
This is some best alternative of thoptv