Within this post, we will solve the problem related to ThopTV like unable to connect to a server, buffering, cast not working, etc. Here is the latest version of the thop tv used.

ThopTv is a video playing app. Where you can watch various videos like movies, tv shows, ipl, sport, etc. Here you can watch ipl as well as other sport without a subscription. You can watch the letest movie and tv show here. Not available on the play store. Because paid movies and web series are available here for free.

Many people have to face various problems while using thopTV. In this post, you will find the answers to all the questions related to thopTV.

ThopTV unable to connect to the server (android tv,mi tv and Firestick)

ThopTV unable to connect to the server

The main reason for this problem is that you are using the old version of thopTV. If you are using the old version then update it. However, if you see this problem again then follow the steps below.

To solve the connection problem follow this step

  1. Open setting option
  2. Open application management
  3. Find ThopTV app
  4. Go to more setting
  5. Click on clear cache and data
  6. Now open the ThopTv application

If you follow the above steps, your problem will be solved. Many people’s phones will have the option of application management instead of the app management option.

If you use updated thopTV, you still see the message “unable to connect to server”. The reason is that more people come to one server at a time.

ThopTV video buffering problem

ThopTV video buffering problem

You see this problem whenever you play any video on ThopTV. In which video buff is Thai. In which video is loaded.

  • Open thoptv app
  • Open any video
  • Click on setting
  • Decrease video quality

The cause of this problem is a poor internet connection. If you have low internet speed then you will see this problem. There is no problem where fast data service is available.

For that, you have to use a fast internet network or lower the quality of your video.

ThopTV cast not working problem

ThopTV cast not working problem

When you connect thopTv to any tv, nothing is visible on the tv. This is called a screencast error. There is no fixed cause for this problem. This problem is caused by the screencast app or improper wifi connection.

“If you see this problem, you can restart your phone and TV”

The thoptv app not working

Thoptv is a very popular app. It is used by many people today. People use it a lot to watch IPL matches. With so many users, there are many problems in Thoptv. If you want to get rid of all these problems, here is the solution. Is.

Common Reason and solution of Thoptv not working

If you use the old version of Thoptv then Thoptv will not work. For that, you have to use the latest version of Thoptv v45.6.1. can follow.

  • Use the latest version of Thoptv
  • Delete unnecessary items from your phone and keep device storage a minimum of 1GB.
  • Go to Settings and clear Thoptv’s app data and cache.
  • Allow Thoptv to use internet data and wifi data.
  • Restart your phone.

thop tv app not opening

Nothing happens when you click on the icon of the Thoptv app on your phone. The app does not open. One of the reasons for this is that Thoptv is not compatible with the version of your phone. Here you have to download Thoptv version which compatible with your phone.

  • Another reason for not opening Thoptv is an overload of app data. For this solution, you can clear the data of your Thoptv by going to settings. First, go to the Settings> App Management> Thoptv> used storage> Data. Here you can clear data by simply clicking on clear data.

Fix thoptv unable to connect to the server in the phone

If you do not connect to the Thoptv app server then you can follow this guide. This problem is not due to your phone or app. The cause of this problem is a slow server or overloaded server.

Any server has a limit of certain users. If there are more users than that limited number, the server does not respond. The server also crashes due to the lack of more people on that server.

  • Wait a while and open the thoptv again.
  • There are fewer users in the morning and afternoon. So login to Thoptv during this time.
  • Uninstall Thoptv and install.

Thoptv app is not available on the play store. So there is no official platform for Thoptv. Due to the small team and low budget, developers of the thoptv app cannot buy an expensive server. So this problem is common. If you want to fix this problem, the above point Follow

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