Are you also facing a thoptv source available or source down problem? If yes, then follow the steps given here and get rid of this problem.

Thoptv is an online video streaming app where you can watch cricket, movie, sport, tv shows, etc. Here you can watch movies and ipl live for free. When you want to watch ipl live you have to buy a Hotstar plane. You can get free on thoptv.

Here you can watch a netflix show for free. Any new show that comes on Netflix you will find it here immediately. You will find various tv channels here. In which you can watch live news online. Reality shows like a big boss and dance India dance also You can watch for free.

10 languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi are available. You will find TV shows and movies in all these languages. The latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies are also available here.

Today we will see the solution to the problem in ThopTv here. Here we will solve thoptv not working on wifi, error gl, connection error pc, update error, login problem, time error problem, etc. People have many such problems. Can not fully enjoy it. So today we will see the solution to all these problems in this one post.

Thoptv no source available Problem

The server crashes when there are too many users on the same server. So there is nothing to see in thoptv and only loading. If you see this problem then you can try it after some time.

This problem is seen not only in Thoptv but also in other ipl streaming applications. There are more people watching ipl and t20 in India. Therefore, it is normal for the server to go down during the cricket match season. Hotstar also shows ipl live. There is a big company. So they have an expensive server. Even if they get so much traffic, they don’t go down.

Follow the steps below to get rid of the source down in thoptv.

  • Disable VPN on Your Device
  • Fix the Date and Time on Your Device
  • Wait some time and try again
  • Clear Cache of Your Thoptv
  • Install New Version of Thoptv
  • Fix Security Software setting
  • Close and Relaunch the App
  • Check your WiFi / Cellular Data

If you follow the above steps then all the server related problems will be solved. So follow the above steps carefully.

thoptv not working on wifi

Many people use thoptv in their pc and many people in mobile. If they are running thoptv and other applications through wifi, sometimes thoptv does not open through wifi. The solution to this problem is as follows.

  • Check your wifi connection.
  • Check the internet of wifi provider.
  • Turn off your wifi.

First, you need to check your wifi connection to see if your wifi is connected or not. If wifi is connected then check the internet connection of the wifi provider device. See if it works properly. If your internet also works properly then you Turn off your wifi and turn it on.

If you keep these three points in mind, this problem will not come up again.

Error gl in ThopTV

Error gl is a normal problem. Do you also have a gl error problem? One of the reasons is storage. If your device does not have enough storage then this problem will occur.

For that, you delete unnecessary items from your device. Use google file. In it, you get the option to clear the phone cache. With the help of which you can clear the cache of your phone. If you also have this problem, just check your storage.

thoptv connection error pc

You can use Thoptv on both pc and laptop. For that, you can use bluestacks. Bluestacks is software that allows you to download any Android application to your computer and laptop. To run thoptv pc you need to install bluestacks. Then install thoptv from bluestacks.

Many people have a problem after installing Thoptv. It shows offline when they open Thoptv. For that they get frustrated. They need to check their wifi connection and internet connection. They will find that thoptv does not work on PC. This is not a technical error. There is a general connection problem.

thoptv update error

Thoptv offers movies, ipl, and tv shows for free. The original content belongs to others. Therefore, it does not follow certain guidelines. So it is not available in the play store.

After some time a new version of thoptv comes. In which you see new features and fewer bugs. That new version is better than the previous version. So people are ready to update thoptv.

This app is not available on the play store. So people have problems updating this app. They think that I will update this app somehow. So there is good news for them. They don’t need to take any new app. To update it you have to permit storage and data. Then with one click, you can update thoptv. When thoptv is updated, keep the internet connection OK.

Thoptv login problem

In this application, you can create an account. To create a new account you need an email id. To create a new account you have to enter your full name, number, and email id. Then you have to confirm your mobile number. Enter the number. It will have a 4 digit code. It will have to be entered here to verify. Similarly, you have to verify your email id. A code will come on your email id which will have to be verified by entering here. All these verification processes Then you have to select a strong password.

Now you can log in to thoptv by entering your password and email id. But sometimes there is some problem in logging in. Login shows an error. For that, you have to enter your email id and password again. Maybe you are entering the wrong password or email id. This problem occurs. If you have forgotten your password, you can create a new password by forgetting the password below.

If you have a thoptv account then show you the show and movie as per your interest. You can open your account on any other device.

thoptv time error problem

In Thoptv you can watch a live sports tv show. Here you get the option of a live channel. On the live channel, you can see the show running at present.

To watch a proper live show, you have to time the device according to the time of your country. If you move the time back and forth, you will get a time error. So you can’t watch the live show. The reason for this problem is improper time setting. If your time is not correct. If so, it will create a problem in watching live tv.

If you want to enjoy live tv you have to time your phone with country time. For that open the first setting. Select the date and time option. Enter the current date and date and save this setting. If you do this setting. So you will not have thoptv time error problem.

Today we brought the solution of thoptv main problem thoptv source down or source not available. In addition, we solved the problem like thoptv not working on wifi, connection error pc, update error, login problem, time error problem, error gl problem, etc.

People like to watch videos and movies without ads. So they can get constant entertainment. You don’t see any ads on thoptv. So there is no interruption in your entertainment. But when this thoptv starts giving problem it gives more anger. That is why we have covered so many problems here. So any small or big question related to thoptv can be solved in this one post.

Most of the problems were in the old version. Because at that time the app was very small and there were more users. Now in the new version, you will see very few bugs and problems. If you are still using the old version, install the new version soon. the feature will be found.

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