Top 10 apps to cool your mobile device 2023

Hello my dear friend. Let’s see some amazing apps today.

Sometimes when you use your phone you will realize how hot my phone has become. Why you phone overheat? And know how can you mobile by using Smartphone cooling aap.

If you use the phone continuously, your phone gets overheated for many reasons. Such as using an app with a virus, playing a game while charging, frequent scrolling on social media, and various other exteryex factors. 

That’s why we have brought here some methods to cool down smartphones as soon as possible. Before we know it, let’s see how your mobile is harmed by being hit up.

Let’s know what happens when your smartphone overheats? 

As the Android phone heats up, your battery is affected. This causes the phone’s battery performance to decline. The battery dicres quickly. Charging speed ficdic. As well as small chips and wiring are damaged.

5  maim Reason behind phone overheating?

There are 5 major reasons for overheat phone.

  • Using a smartphone all the time
  • Use when the phone is charging
  • Coriander use all app together
  • Running High Graphic Game Like pubg, cod, free fire

5 effective steps to cool your mobile?

Remember the following points to prevent your phone from overheating.

  • Do not use the phone while charging
  • Don’t use malware software
  • Use anti-virus app
  • Clean your phone case
  • Restart your phone

Here’s how to put one together for use with your phone.  Apart from this, you can keep the phone total through the following apps.


List of best cell cooler apps

Here we make this complete list according to user experience,rating and downloads. You can try all these app. So without wasting time let’s see…


This is a very useful app.  It works well than others.  It helps you to Clear the case file and clean the RAM. It provides some more features and fiction.

Here we get a phone cleaner, junk cleaner, speed booster, photo cleaner, and remover.

This CPU cooler is very lightweight.

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Size: 9.9Mb 

Rating: 4.6⭐

Installation: 10m +

Fast CPU Cooler: 

Make your phone cool and fast with a fast CPU cooler. It’s function automatically close others apps and process. 

This app can cool your Android phone by killing malware app and background runs.  It extends your battery time.

Size: 5.7Mb 

Rating: 4.4

Installation: 1m + 


To fast battery charging use this app.  It helps you to cool your phone and speed up your Android phone.

Here you get two main fiction 1. Smart booster RAM cleaner and 2. Scan CPU case.  In the use of these two options, you can control your smartphone to overheat.

With battery Saver option you can save more battery by using Ultra saving mode. 

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Size: 5.4Mb

Rating: 4.6 

Installation: 1m +

Phone cooler master 

This app works faster than another app.  It makes your Android phone fast working and quick cool. 

It helps you to charge your mobile phone fast. 

In this app, you can monitor your real-time temperature.  With a single click, your phone temperature goes down and down. It plays a major role in your phone.

Size: 9.8Mb 

Rating: 4.3 

Installation: 1m + 

Phone cooler battery saver 

This is the best cooling application and accelerating effective professional phone. 

This application has more features than other apps like… 

  • 1-tap power optimization
  • Charge master 
  • Smart use of battery 
  • Full control of power-draining apps 
  • Convenient power saving widget 

It’s killing apps when the screen is off and gives you accurate battery remaining time. 

Size: 12Mb 

Rating: 4.1 

Installation: 1m +

Master super cleaner

Master super cleaner app is the best app to clean junk files and provided other features like anti-virus, speed booster, battery saver, and CPU cooler.

Here you will get a dynamic overheating application detector. This app alerts you when your phone gonna very hot. It’s very simple and useful.

 Size: 7.4Mb

Rating: 4.5 

Installation: 1m +

Cool Down Phone Temperature 

This app will scan your CPU to find out the basic cause of overheating mobile phones quickly. It detects the heating app in few seconds. 

Here you will get fatalities to cool your mobile In one click, auto CPU clean master for Android.

Size: 2.1Mb

Rating: 4.1

Installation: 500K 

Free Cool Down Phone Temperature (CPU Cooler Pro) 

Monitor phone and CPU temperature with one app. This app took your phone heat level down. It gave us some special options and features than other comparing apps.

  • One tap heat monitor and heat control
  • Phone and memory boost 
  • Battery saver 
  • Junk file cleaner

Size: 6.6Mb

Rating: 4.3

Installation: 500K


Reduces your CPU use with the help of a phone cooler application.  It detects and closes the heavy resource-consuming app.

Here you can stop the application from running in the background.  This app notifying you when the phone overheating.

Size: 3.2Mb

Rating: 3.9

Installation: 500K⬇️


Clean your ram and increase battery life.  Cool your phone by reducing CPU use.

It provides some features like real-time temptation checking, one tap to cool down, over-hitting privation, dynamic overheating detection.

All this feature is free.

Size: 15Mb 

Rating: 4.6⭐

Installation: 100K⬇️

Cpu cooler is the best phone cooling app

According to user review and downloads CPU cooler-cooling master is one of the best phone cooling app now. 

Best mobile phone cooling aap

This app will provide some amazing features that are another app not include all these functions

Functions like one-tap-cool, RAM booster, clean junk file, and battery saver mode, etc.

Is Really all cooler aap work or not?

The answer is yes 

For that, you have to know how all these mobile cooling app works.

All cooling apps clear your phone’s case data and clean up unnecessary files.

If you want to take down your phone immediately, I would personally advise you to use the first method. In which you manually restart the phone and delete unnecessary items and do not use the phone while charging. Simple care will solve most of your problems.

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