Some times you have a lot of storage in your phone or you have a lot of mobile data or you want to play high graphic games, we have brought here the 10 best games for android device which is under 2 GB.

We have listed this 2GB game according to user reviews and ratings.

All these games are high graphic which may not be supported in mobiles with 2 GB RAM.  Here we advise you to use a mobile phone with high RAM.

What Are The Best android Games Under 2GB Download Size? 

 1.Call of duty android

best game under 2GB

COD is the best player vs player, battle royal, and sniper game.  This is the best game under 2GB.

The call of duty game is a very old and popular game.  The Android version of the game came out 2 years ago.  This has become a very popular game on mobile phones.

You will find many modes here.  Such as 4Vs4 mode. Here you have 4 players in your team and 4 players in the opposite hair team. In which you have to kill each other.  The team that completes the first 40 points wins. The second mode is Battle Royale.  100 players land on an island here.  In which you have to serve till the end.

All this game is so heavy game. DruriDr playing this game your mobile gonna heat up for that you can use best phone cooler app. Which make your phone cool.

Size : 2GB

Rating :  4.5⭐

Download :  100M+⬇️

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2.In to the dead – 2 Android

game under 2Gb 2021 - in to the dead 2

In to the dead 2 is the best high graphic offline zombie shooter game.

Here you get first Person view mode. This game is story-based.  In which people have become zombies due to the spread of the virus in the world.  You have to reach out to your family by killing all the zombies.  This is a nice game under 2Gb 2021 for android.

Inside this, you will see all the weapons. You will also find a dog that will help you stay with you. One by one you will meet your family members. Then you have to take them all to a safe place.

Here you will see 7 characters, 60 stages, and different endings. Here you can peek up powerful weapons and ammo.  After that, you became able to upgrade weapons like melee gun, short gun, aex, etc …

Size : 1.5 GB

Rating : 4.4 ⭐

Download :  10M+⬇️


3.Human fall flat Android

Human fall flat - 2Gb game for Android

Human fall flat is a very good puzzle-solving game in which you get your friends to solve the puzzle and reach the next level.  this is a good 2Gb game for Android. The game has become more popular in 2020.  Even the big YouTubers do a live stream of this on their channel.

The size of the human fall flat game is 428 MB.  You have to playstopla ₹ 500 to Playstore to play this game.

Here you and your friends get together to solve a variety of very funny room puzzles. Here you will see the Behind the Mind puzzle.

Size : 527 Mb (₹500)

Rating :  4.2⭐

Download :  100K+⬇️

If your phone’s RAM is 2GB or less then you can play the following games. All these games will play well on your phone. Due to low RAM games are lagged on your mobile. My mother will run very smoothly.

4.Gangster new Orleans open world android

Gangster under 2Gb size


If you love the open-world game then this game for you under 2Gb size.

You can play this game online and offline.

Here you can complete missions, drive a car and motorcycle, fly an airplane, fight with any other many more things you can do here.

In this game, you can create your gang and a private island.  Here you play the role of a gang leader who Handel the whole gangster team.

If you love open-world games like GTA then this game is your GTA for mobile devices.

Size : 0.96 GB

Rating :  4.4⭐

Download :  10M+⬇️

5.Pubg mobile

Pubg mobile

Pubg mobile Who doesn’t know this game.  The pubg game is very popular in the gaming world.  The graphic of this game looks better than any other game.  So far there have been a variety of games.  Even pubg has brought a different concept.

Here you have to send 100 players together by one plane within a single island.  In which you will find many houses with weapons.  All you have to do here with your team is to survive alone and whoever survives to the last gets a chicken dinner.

This is the most downloaded 2GB Android game.  Here you can find all the maps and modes of coriander. Which you can see yourself playing.

Although pung is not currently available on the play store, according to the news, pubg is about to launch its Indian version.

Size : 1.5 GB (now not available In playstore)

Rating :  4.2⭐

Download :  100M+⬇️

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Best 2gb games for android offline

Below we have given you 2GB offline games which you can play offline. The size of all these games is less than 2GB. If you have less space on your phone or you have limited internet data then you can download these games.





Here you can Explore the infinite world and make your imaginary world.

Here you can get survival mode and creative mode. you can play this game with your friends or alone. It’s good 2Gb games for android offline

In this game, you can do anything like creating a castle, build a building, blast mountains, hunt animals or create a zoo, compete on a massively multiplayer server, run, swim, flay, and many more things to do.

This game available on Android, PC, and Xbox.

Size : 115 Mb (₹650)

Rating :  4.5⭐

Download :  10M+⬇️


7.Getting over it Android

Getting over it

Playing this game can make you angry.  This is a very adventurous game. In which you often lose.

Getting over it is 2GB Android games 2021. It’s paid game.  Here you will find a person trapped in a pot with a hammer in his hand, with the help of which he has to cut the whole way.

Here this guy falls repeatedly so you lose all your progress.  The game takes a minimum of 2 hours to complete and the maximum time is not fixed. However, you will need to have fun playing Getting Over It.

Size : 121Mb  (₹430)

Rating :  3.7⭐

Download :  100K+⬇️


8.Life is a strange Android

Life is strange - 2Gb games for android offline

This is a story-based game that has won the title of an award-winning game in 2018.

You find the girl’s character here.  The game has a total of 6 parts.  In which you have to play within the story of past, present, and future. The end of the game here depends on your different choices.

The game was first released on PC.  Currently, these 2Gb games for android offline are available on Playstore.

Size : 1.0 GB

Rating :  4.3⭐

Download :  1M+⬇️


9.Asphalt 9 Legends Android


Best car racing game under 2gb

Asphalt 9 is super ultra graphics best multiplayer cat racing game. I like this game due to the graphics.

Here you can race with your friends.  Asphalt 9 has many numbers of modes. you can also play with other online players. Find your opponent, become part of the race, and be the first.

In this game, you can buy any car, upgrade it and customize it. Here you can play with a global champion and take part in a tournament.

I recommend you to play this game lists one time on your Smartphone.

 Size : 2GB

Rating :  4.4⭐

Download :  50M+⬇️


10.Limbo Android

Limbo-2Gb offline games

If you like horror then Limbo is one of the best 2Gb offline games for android.

Limbo is a very nice game.  Speaking of which, I like this game more than any other game.  Going to the barber on the graphic of this game.  The gameplay and storyline are most enjoyable.

Here you are Limbo who goes out to sing to his sister.  As many face adversity.  This is a puzzle-solving game.

The game has won awards for the best puzzle, best downloadable, best indie game, a digital game of the year, best horror game.

Limbo is an offline game.  This is a paid game but you can play this free version of the limbo demo

Size : 143Mb (₹430)

Rating :  4.7⭐

Download :  500K+⬇️ 

list of 2Gb android games

  1. Call of duty
  2. In to the dead – 2
  3. Human fall flat
  4. Gangster new Orleans open world
  5. Pubg mobile
  6. Minecraft
  7. Getting over it
  8. Life is a strange
  9. Asphalt 9 Legends
  10. Limbo

You reviewed the top 10 mobile games here.  The graphic quality of all these games is good.  Mostly all these 2GB mobile game available for free (Limbo, human fall flat, Minecraft paid game)